In order to issue a food licence a food safety supervisor with suitable qualifications must be nominated on the application.

  • Council officers do not carry out inspections prior to settlement owing to privacy and confidentiality. A Council officer will carry out an inspection after settlement. Note that written evidence that settlement has occurred may be requested to be supplied to Council prior to or during the inspection. Please ensure that you include the settlement date in the relevant section of the application form.
  • You can review the information about the food safety supervisor requirements. A copy of the certificate of attainment should accompany the completed food licence application and payment of the licence fee.
  • The food business can access free training through I'M ALERT Food Safety. A certificate will be generated for the individual once completed.
  • Refer to fees for a food premises licence (please tick relevant food premises on the application form).
  • Please note that businesses are required to pay a licence fee and an inspection fee. Refer to
    fees and charges.
  • Please complete the Application for a Fixed or Mobile Food Business Licence and return with payment and a copy of the food safety supervisor qualifications to The inspection will be conducted after settlement and Council will provide you with a current report of requirements. Council will assess your application within 30 business days, please ensure that you allow sufficient time to complete this process prior to the intended settlement date.
  • Bona Fide Charitable and Community Organisations will also need to provide evidence of their non-profit status.

Other licences

Your food business may also hold other licences depending upon your activities e.g., outdoor dining. These licences may also need to be transferred.

More information

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