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Prior to starting any food business you must check with Council's Planning and Regulatory Services Department to ensure that land use is suitable for your intended use.

Application process

Step 1

  • The facility must meet the requirements for the Food Act 2006 and the Food Standards Code. Construction that does not meet the standards will not be approved. Plans will need to be drawn up and submitted with your application. Please ensure that you include plans with all details of floors, walls, ceiling, lighting, equipment, benches, storage, cleaning (hand wash, wash up, mop filling/emptying areas etc.) and an overall plan of the site.
  • Please complete the application form Design Assessment: New and/or Refurbishing of Existing Food Business and submit with A3 size design plans and payment of the application fee.
  • Bona Fide Charitable or Community Organisation should also provide evidence of their non-profit status.
  • You may email your application in pdf format including application form, payment details and plans to Alternatively you can post it to the address on the form or drop it into the Council, Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich.
  • Council will assess your application within 30 business days and respond with an approval and appropriate conditions.
  • Council also recommends you check with the following contacts as there may be additional requirements:
    • Council’s building section (07) 3810 6130
    • Council’s plumbing section (07) 3810 6130
    • Queensland Urban Utilities 13 26 57.

Step 2

  • Fit out your premises in accordance with the approval given by Council.
  • Please read both the approved plans and approval conditions carefully when you receive them and carry out your fit-out including any changes that may be required.

Step 3

  • About 10 days prior to completing the fit out of the premises, apply for a food business licence.
  • In order to issue a food licence one food safety supervisor with suitable qualifications must be nominated on the application. The following link provides information about the food safety supervisor requirements. A copy of the certificate of attainment should accompany the completed food licence application and payment of the licence fee.
  • The free food safety training can be accessed on Council's Food Safety Training page. A certificate will be generated for the individual once completed.
  • Please complete the application form Fixed or Mobile Food Business Licence and return with payment and a copy of the food safety supervisor qualifications. Instructions for lodgement are included in Step 1 above.  A final inspection will be conducted to ensure the premises has been constructed in accordance with the approval.  The premises must pass this inspection for the food licence to be issued.  Additional inspections will incur further charges required to be paid prior.
  • Bona Fide Charitable and Community Organisations will need to provide evidence of non-profit status.
  • If you need a food safety program for your business visit our Food Safety Program webpage for further information.
  • Council will assess your application within 30 business days.
  • If additional inspections are required then further inspection fees apply and must be paid by the stipulated date.

Other licences

Your food business may also require other licences depending upon your activities. For example if you wish to have outdoor dining activities a licence may be required.

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