ipswich-city-council-local-disaster-management-planThe City of Ipswich is a dynamic growth area of South East Queensland with a wide range of topography, changing demographics and diversified industries that are occasionally subject to the impact of disasters, both natural and non-natural.

To help guide Ipswich City Council in minimising the impact of, and preparation for, response to, and recovery from such events, the government and non-government partner agencies of the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) have overseen the development of a management plan. Their contribution is acknowledged and appreciated.

Local Disaster Management Group Terms of Reference

  • The Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) is responsible for making decisions about and managing disaster operations in the City of Ipswich local government area
  • The LDMG forms part of the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements (QDMA) which enables a progressive escalation of support and assistance from the local level through to the federal level during a disaster
  • LDMG Terms of Reference

Local Disaster Management Plan

  • The Local Disaster Management Plan (LDMP) has been prepared by Ipswich City Council for the City of Ipswich local government area under the provisions of section 57(1) of the Disaster Management Act 2003
  • The purpose of the LDMP is to:
    • detail the arrangements for the coordination and management of resources in a disaster; and
    • ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Ipswich community prior to, during and after a disaster

Local Disaster Management Sub Plans

Sub Plans are prepared as supporting documents to the LDMP. Accordingly, they must be read in conjunction with the LDMP itself:

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