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  1. Heritage

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    22 Dec 2020: Program administration: administer Ipswich Heritage Program in a cost-effective and customer-focused manner. ... The Heritage Information Kit is available from the Ipswich City Council's Planning Branch.

  2. Want to help conserve Ipswich’s heritage places?

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    6 Apr 2021: Round 5 of the Heritage Community Sustainability Action (CSA) grants are open now until 19 April 2021. ... Ipswich has a long and rich history, and conserving and investing in our heritage strengthens our city’s character and liveability,” Mayor

  3. Funding and Support

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    13 Apr 2021: RADF promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers of diverse and inclusive communities and strong regions. ... The city has a proud sporting heritage and has produced many sporting champions participating in a wide range of

  4. Explore

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    24 Nov 2020: Ipswich is centrally located in the booming South East Queensland region of Australia.

    Ipswich is centrally located in the booming South East Queensland region of Australia.

  5. Legislation (PDF, 722k)

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    15 May 2008: What is Heritage? “Heritage includes places, values, traditions, events and experiences that capture where we’ve come from, where we are now and gives context to where we are headed as ... Fences. • Driveways. • Outbuildings. Heritage Adviser

    by TJen
  6. Ipswich Heritage Study

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    24 Feb 2021: assets. The resulting Ipswich Heritage Study had two principal aims:. To identify, document and analyse places of cultural significance within the City of Ipswich. ... The Ipswich Heritage Study and the Expanded Ipswich Heritage Study are available on

  7. Australian South Sea Islander 150 Project

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    24 Feb 2021: For further information about Australian South Sea Islanders in Ipswich please contact Council's Cultural Heritage Coordinator: Phone (07) 3810 6256.

  8. Key Industry Sectors

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    22 Dec 2020: As Queensland's fastest growing city, Ipswich is home to a broad range of industries that have flourished historically and are poised for substantial growth going forward. The City of Ipswich is working towards a sustainable industrial biotechnology

  9. Programs

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    16 Feb 2021: Report an issue Show. Popular links Show. About Council Show. Report an Issue.

  10. Heritage Trails and Historical Markers

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    22 Dec 2020: The People, Places and Events trails complement the 'Then and Now' Heritage Trail series. ... The Ipswich Heritage Adviser provides advice regarding the suitable placement of historical markers on heritage sites.

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