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  1. Heritage

    16 Oct 2018: Heritage Awareness Promotion: to promote community awareness of the City's cultural heritage. ... ProgramAdministration: to administer the Heritage Program in a cost effective and customer focused manner. - Cached Explore

  2. About Ipswich

    31 May 2018: It is renowned for its architectural, natural and cultural heritage. Ipswich proudly preserves and still operates from many of its historical buildings and homes, with more than 6000 heritage-listed sites. ... Ipswich offers all the modern facilities and - Cached Explore

  3. Heritage Adviser Service

    10 Mar 2014: The Heritage Adviser normally undertakes visits at the place in question thus maximising convenience to residents and developers. ... This service is in many ways the Public Relations flagship of Council's overall approach to heritage awareness promotion.
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  4. Grants and Funding

    14 Sep 2018: pride in cultural activities and heritage. - Cached Explore

  5. Media

    12 Mar 2018: Living museum plans for Cooneana Heritage Centre at New Chum. ... 06 December 2018. Ipswich City Council and the Ipswich Historical Society will work closely together to turn the Cooneana Heritage Centre at New Chum into a “living museum”. - Cached Explore

  6. Children's Heritage Resources

    2 Nov 2018: secondary school students and teachers including the Heritage Education Kit, Children's Heritage Trails and Colouring Ipswich pages. ... The information contained on the following pages was correct at the time the Heritage Education Kit was published.
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  7. Ipswich Heritage Seminars

    16 Oct 2018: Queensland's oldest provincial city. Conducted by professional historians, each seminar will provide valuable insight into the four primary stages of writing as well as focus on practical and easy methods used in local history and family history - Cached Explore

  8. Indigenous

    2 Jun 2016: Acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as active contributors to local community identity and heritage. ... Ensure the significant cultural heritage values of Ipswich such as historical architecture, Aboriginal cultural features, and - Cached Explore

  9. Ipswich Media Releases

    14 Dec 2018: museum-plans-for-cooneana-heritage-centre-at-new-chum < p> Ipswich City Council and the Ipswich Historical Society will work closely together to turn the Cooneana Heritage Centre at New 06
    - Cached Explore

  10. Heritage Trails and Historical Markers

    16 Oct 2018: The People, Places and Events trails complement the existing Then and Now Heritage Trail series. ... The Ipswich Heritage Adviser provides advice regarding the suitable placement of historical markers on heritage sites. - Cached Explore

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