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  1. IPSWICH ENVIROFORUM 2015PROGRAM Sharing water wisdom for a sustainable ... (PDF, 580k)

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    15 Apr 2015: The latter described Aboriginal Cultural Heritage is predominately at or in close vicinity to the water ways. ... BIOGRAPHY:Matthew Fullerton is a Principal Policy Officer with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

  2. 1 Meeting Growth Management Community Reference Group Date 25 ... (PDF, 1552k)

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    22 Jul 2019:  Maintaining community/suburb character and amenity.  Cultural heritage places (including churches). ...  Infrastructure for community.  Heritage places include churches or places of worship.

    by Anna Payne
  3. Page 1 of 3 Version Control and Objective ID ... (PDF, 355k)

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    23 May 2022: The collection is preserved in perpetuity for the purpose of recording and documenting the cultural and social heritage of Ipswich and for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

    by Amber van Sloten
  4. For more information visitIpswich.qld.gov.au Join us online: Kholo Gardens ... (PDF, 3279k)

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    9 Jan 2019: The pumping station ceased operations in 1922. The area is also listed as a heritage coal mining site.

  5. Council Minutes (PDF, 2760k)

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    2 May 2013: 5. HERITAGE CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE MEETING NO. 176 AND THE HERITAGE. MONUMENTS AND MEMORIALS COMMITTEE MEETING NO. ... forwarding for Council's information the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Consultative Committee No.


    by Anna Lewis
  6. Draft Ipswich Planning Scheme 2019 Statement of Proposals 5 ... (PDF, 1355k)

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    23 May 2019: heritage is not harmed in accordance with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003. ... be. avoided; (b) local cultural heritage places, including those of Aboriginal cultural heritage significance,.

    by Garth Moore
  7. Terms of Reference - General Purposes Committee amended at post election meeting 27 April 2020 (A6198333) (PDF, 376k)

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    13 Dec 2021: Parking operations and Animal Management. • Heritage and Cemeteries. • Emerging and urgent operational matters. • ... Services:. • Identifying, protecting and promoting places of cultural heritage significance and landscape value. •

    by VLukritz
  8. IpswIchIntegrated water strategy 2015 a total water cycle Framework ... (PDF, 5851k)

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    24 Apr 2015: Integrated water management planning helps ensure cultural heritage representatives are identified as water cycle stakeholders and aids communication and collaboration around water cycle management decisions. ... guiding principles• Ensure cultural

  9. Summary of Submissions and Corresponding Actions As per the ... (PDF, 570k)

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    18 Nov 2019: 49.1 (Protection of Important Vegetation) 2019 - the inclusion of a reference to requirements under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 to ensure property owners are aware of obligations. ... References added for Queensland Heritage Act 1992 to ensure

    by Candice M. Johns
  10. Council Ordinary Minutes (PDF, 1251k)

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    23 Nov 2011: MINUTES OF ORDINARY MEETING . 18 October 2011 . Held in the Bremer State High School . 133‐153 Warwick Road, Ipswich . The meeting commenced at 7pm . ATTENDANCE AT COMMENCEMENT . Councillors P Pisasale (Mayor), Morrison,

    by TFlynn

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