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  1. Resource Recovery Strategy Cached Explore

    16 Sep 2021: provide a flexible ‘on demand’ large-item kerbside collection service where valuable resources are recovered in 2022-23.

  2. Council offers kerbside collection for hail-affected properties Cached Explore

    22 Dec 2020: 02 November 2020. Ipswich City Council is offering kerbside collection of building waste from storm-affected areas, including Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Rosewood, Willowbank and Thagoona. ... The impact of the hail damage has become clear today and

  3. Council bringing back popular kerbside collection in 2021-22 Budget Cached Explore

    25 Jun 2021: So, the kerbside collections for those larger items is the ideal solution for them. ... Mayor Teresa Harding said council had provided kerbside collections for hundreds of Ipswich residents impacted by the October 2020 Halloween hailstorms.

  4. Budget 2021-2022 Cached Explore

    25 Jun 2021: Council’s 2021-22 budget, the second from Mayor Teresa Harding and Councillors, is strong and strategic, and one that can give the community considerable optimism about the future of Ipswich. Join us for exciting times ahead: our future together

  5. Residents called on to help clean up Cached Explore

    4 Feb 2022: To register a site visit

  6. Media Releases Cached Explore

    18 Jan 2022: 02 June 2022. It is time to clean out the spare room or under the house as Ipswich City Council’s free large item kerbside collection begins on 13 June 2022 ... 26 May 2022. It’s time to clean out the spare room or under the house as Ipswich City

  7. Making of Local Law 2019 Cached Explore

    27 Jun 2021: diminution of amenity by the emission of light;. containers remaining kerbside for extended periods of time; and.

  8. Community recovery and support continues after the flood Cached Explore

    21 Mar 2022: The Riverview and Rosewood Recycling and Refuse Centres have returned to regular hours and pricing from this week and will also resume the scheduled free large item kerbside collection service from

  9. Free waste disposal for flood-impacted Ipswich community Cached Explore

    1 Mar 2022: Council is also currently developing a program for the collection of kerbside waste in impacted areas once flood waters recede to provide appropriate access.

  10. Potential waste recycling opportunity through SEQ City Deal Cached Explore

    23 Mar 2022: as well as increasing restrictions on exporting kerbside recyclables to overseas markets.

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