Rate notices are issued quarterly and are due and payable on or before the discount expiry and due date which is clearly shown on the Rate notice. To obtain the discount, ratepayers should ensure that payment of the full net amount shown on the Rate Notice is received at a Council Office or agency on or before the discount expiry date.

Alternative Payment Methods

Logo Directdebit

Paying by Direct Debit

This allows your account to be paid automatically from a nominated account. Please call the account enquiry number (07) 3810 6666 for more information.

Logo Bpay

Paying by BPay

Please call your participating financial institution to make a payment from your nominated account. Please quote biller code 1958 and your Council Customer Ref. No.

Logo Postbillpay

Paying Online

Pay rates online.

MyPost Digital Mailbox

MyPost Digital Mailbox

Council property owners can now receive and pay their rates notices digitally thanks to a new partnership with Australia Post. Learn more and sign up for free now at digitalmailbox.com.au.

Logo Phone

Credit Card Payment by Phone

Phone 1300 309 270 any time of day and follow the prompts. Please ensure you have your account, credit card and a pen ready to write your transaction (receipt) number that will be given at the end of the call. Retain this number for future reference. Payment can be made using MasterCard or Visa. Please quote your Ipswich City Council Customer Ref. No.

Logo Mail

Mailing Your Payment

Please detach the payment slip from your notice and return it together with your cheque. Make cheques payable to Ipswich City Council. Payment should be mailed in sufficient time to allow applicable discounts.

Paying In Person

Paying in Person

Please present your notice to:

  • Any post office in Australia
  • Any branch of Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Any branch of Bendigo Bank
  • Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich, Mon-Fri: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm
Centrepay Deductions

Centrepay Deductions

If you are receiving a Centrelink payment, Centrelink can transfer money direct to your rate account. Contact Centrelink for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my rates subject to GST?

No, rates and charges that appear on your rate notice are exempt from GST.

When is my rate notice due to be paid?

The rate notice amount is payable by the 'Due Date' shown on the front of the rate notice. Provided Council receives your payment on or before this date, discount will be allowed. If rates and other charges are not paid by the due date, the discount will be forfeited and the total rates will become overdue and subject to interest penalties. Click here for more information on rates issue dates and due dates.