Employment Conditions

The employment conditions of the majority of Ipswich City Council's workforce are set out in Council's Certified Agreements and State awards. Council's current agreements and awards are:

During negotiations with unions for the ICC Local Government Employees Certified Agreement 2021, a commitment was made to transition employees on classification structure (Grades 6-22) to a new classification structure (Levels 1-14).

Career Development

Ipswich City Council is dedicated to recruiting, supporting, developing and retaining high calibre employees. We provide study assistance, ongoing training through our Training Calendar, the opportunity to attend conferences/seminars, modern resources and applications and a positive and supportive working environment. When working with Ipswich City Council you can continually develop your current career or have the opportunity to be supported through your career change.

Graduate, Traineeship and Apprenticeship Programs

Graduate, traineeship and apprenticeship programs offer opportunities in a wide range of career fields and you can gain on the job experience while completing studies. As positions become available Council advertises on the vacancies page.