Advocacy is an important role of council in representing the needs of the Ipswich community to decision makers in State and Federal governments.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to advocacy. But working at its best, advocacy combines elements of influencing policy, informing decision-making, and involving the community in the process.

Why is advocacy important for Ipswich?

Ipswich is the fastest growing region in Queensland. By 2041, Ipswich is projected to have over 456,000 residents, more than doubling from its 2016 census population of 200,103 (Queensland Government Statistician Office, Population Projections by Region, 2016). Ipswich’s rapid and unprecedented population growth requires an equal acceleration of investment in population-supporting infrastructure to ensure that Ipswich residents are afforded the same level of liveability and opportunity as residents in other regions.

Council's advocacy activities aim to provide decision makers with clear and consistent messages about what is needed to deliver beneficial outcomes for the communities that they serve.

Our priorities

Council’s advocacy priorities are known as Regionally Significant Projects (RSPs). These are future-focused projects that will have a positively transformational impact on the whole of the Ipswich region. Council is actively advocating to State and Federal governments for funding and support for these critical, city-shaping initiatives.