Ipswich is a high growth city that requires investment in the following strategic roads to ensure that people and freight continue to move safely and efficiently in the face of increasing population and freight task.

Critical and Enabling Infrastructure Factsheet (PDF, 524.3 KB)

Critical and Enabling Infrastructure Shape Your Ipswich webpage

There is an urgent need to invest in planning, design and delivery of critical infrastructure upgrades that will address current demand and support the Ipswich region’s future population growth, including the following projects:

Cunningham Highway

The Cunningham Highway is a major national highway and is the backbone to Ipswich’s transport network, carrying both freight and passenger vehicles. This highway services RAAF Base Amberley, Ipswich’s growth corridor, the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area (PDA), and will also service the future Ebenezer Regional Industrial Area (ERIA). Urgent upgrades are required to meet current demand, cater for future growth, and improve vehicle safety along the length of this highway through Ipswich. This includes critical upgrades to the Yamanto to Ebenezer Creek section of highway, including duplication to 4 lanes and upgrades to the Amberley Interchange which services RAAF Base Amberley, and the planning, design and delivery of interchange configurations at Ripley and Swanbank to enable growth in the Ripley Valley PDA.

The planning, funding and delivery of this project is a State and Federal Government responsibility.

Warrego Highway

The Warrego Highway is a Federal highway functioning as Queensland’s principal east-west road freight route, and forms part of the Brisbane to Melbourne National Corridor. The highway is a critical route for both inter- and intra-regional travellers and freight which is experiencing significant congestion and safety issues due to increasing demand driven by population growth and an ever increasing freight task. Several points along this highway, particularly at intersections and interchanges require urgent attention and upgrades in order to address safety and congestion concerns, including the Mt Crosby Road Interchange and the Haigslea-Amberley Interchange. An ultimate upgrade of the Warrego Highway to 6 lanes will also be required to ensure that the highway is safe, resilient and efficient for all road users.

The planning, funding and delivery of this project is a State and Federal Government responsibility.

Centenary Motorway

The Centenary Motorway is experiencing acute congestion and safety issues based on current demand, which will continue to intensify and have inter-regional impacts as the population across Springfield and Ripley Valley PDA grows. Urgent action is required by government to undertake planning, design and upgrades pertaining to highway duplication, and the location, configuration and footprints of new and upgraded interchanges to service this rapidly expanding growth area. Council is requesting immediate action on the planning of corridor duplication and the Centenary Motorway/Augusta Parkway Interchange.

The planning, funding and delivery of this project is a State and Federal Government responsibility.

Ripley Valley Priority Development Area (PDA) Catalytic Infrastructure

Ripley Valley PDA is one of the largest growth areas in Australia, covering 4,860ha and set to accommodate 135,000 people in 50,000 dwellings. Urgent support is required to address a $92 million catalytic funding shortfall, and commitment is required to plan, design, configure and deliver upgrades to highways servicing this area. Significant upgrades are required to both the Cunningham Highway and Centenary Motorway and associated intersections and interchanges to enable the progression of the PDA and infrastructure designed to cater for population growth. It is critical that these upgrades are planned and funded by the State Government to confirm interchange locations and configurations and to unlock the ongoing development of the PDA.