The waterways of Ipswich weave their way through mountain peaks, rural landscapes, urban backyards and the heart of the city. They have played an important role in the regions history and continue to do so today, supporting agriculture and industry, and providing an essential natural resource to the Ipswich region, contributing to a range of values that all residents and visitors can enjoy.

Waterway Health fact sheets

The series of informative Waterway Health Fact Sheets have been developed to provide a greater understanding and appreciation of waterway health and catchment management issues in Ipswich, focusing on topics such as revegetating waterways, water quality, the impact of erosion and sediments on waterways, and what you can do to help protect Ipswich waterways.

Fact Sheet 1 - Living in a Healthy Catchment (PDF, 269.4 KB)
Fact Sheet 2 - All About Catchments (PDF, 255.7 KB)
Fact Sheet 3 - A Short History of Ipswich Waterways (PDF, 565.2 KB)
Fact Sheet 4 - Erosion and Sediments in Ipswich Waterways (PDF, 870.5 KB)
Fact Sheet 5 - Water Quality (PDF, 217.0 KB)
Fact Sheet 6 - Why Revegetate Waterways (PDF, 372.1 KB)
Fact Sheet 7 - The Water Cycle (PDF, 835.8 KB)
Fact Sheet 8 - Threats and Challenges Facing Our Waterways (PDF, 298.0 KB)
Fact Sheet 9 - Native Flora and Fauna of Ipswich Waterways (PDF, 595.7 KB)
Fact Sheet 10 - What Can I Do To Help (PDF, 75.7 KB)
Fact Sheet 11 - Waterway Terms (PDF, 131.9 KB)

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