Wildlife carers are invaluable in our community, providing care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Contacting a wildlife carer about injured wildlife

What do I do if I find an injured, sick or orphaned native animal:

Ipswich Koala Protection SocietyPhone: (07) 5464 6274
Web: Facebook.com/ipswichkoalaprotectionsociety

Rescues all wildlife and specialises in koalas.

Providing a 24-hour, 7-days a week ambulance service for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

RSPCA Wildlife HospitalPhone (Wacol): (07) 3426 9910
Phone: RSPCA 1300 264 625 (1300 ANIMAL)
Web: rspcaqld.org.au
1300 ANIMAL is the standard hotline for reporting injured, sick or orphaned native animals.

Other wildlife carers

FAUNA Association IncPhone: 1300 328 621 (1300 FAUNA 1)
Phone (Wildlife emergencies): (07) 5424 6055
Web: fauna.com.au
Fostercare of Australia's Unique Native Animals (FAUNA) Inc is a dedicated group of people who care for sick, injred and orphaned native Australian animals.
ARROW IncPhone (rescue hotline): 0430 904 415Australian Rescue and Rehabilitation of Wildlife Association (ARROW) Inc is a volunteer organisation dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.
Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Phone (Australia Zoo): 1300 369 652
Phone (Appointments): (07) 5436 2097
Web: wildlifewarriors.org.au
One of the world's largest and busiest purpose-built wildlife hospitals, based at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.
ONARRPhone (rescue hotline): (07) 3030 2245
Email: admin@onarr.org.au
Orphaned Native Animals Rear and Release (ONARR) is a community based program run by volunteers.
Queensland Parks and Wildlife ServiceHotline: 1300 130 372
Web: Wildlife contact page
Hotline for reporting incidents such as human-wildlife interaction incidents, eg kangaroo attack or reporting fish/aquatic animal deaths in rivers and creeks.

Specific animal carers

Bat Rescue (Ipswich)Phone: (07) 3062 6730
Web: batrescue.org.au
Flying foxes / bats / fruit bats
Bat Conservation and Rescue QldPhone (rescue hotline): 0488 228 134
Web: bats.org.au
Flying foxes / bats / fruit bats
B.I.R.OPhone: 0432 507 705 (calls only, no SMS)
Web: biro.org.au

Becoming a wildlife carer

Volunteering as a wildlife carer makes a real and practical contribution to wildlife conservation in Queensland.

Wildlife carers are volunteers who treat wild native animals, usually on their own property, and release the animals back into their natural environment.

Council provides some support to wildlife carers such as through the Enviroplan Levy Community Funding.

To become a wildlife carer you must:

If you are interested in volunteering as a wildlife carer, contact your nearest wildlife group.

To find a group near you, contact RSPCA Queensland (1300 ANIMAL) or the Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.