Ipswich City Council is committed to working in close partnership with not only the police but with the citizens and local community organisations to create a widespread all-inclusive approach towards a safer community for both its visitors and residents.

Ipswich City Council is involved in a variety of projects and programs aimed to prevent crime and promote community safety within the Ipswich Local Government Area, including the Safe City and Graffiti Management Programs.

Ipswich City Council believes in a whole-of-community approach to community safety and has designed this web page specifically for the visitors and residents of Ipswich to help promote the safety and wellbeing of all citizens.

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Say hello to your neighbour

Saying 'hello' to your neighbour promotes a strong and cohesive community.

People who know their neighbours are more likely to help each other out in times of emergency. This then helps you cope better during times of crisis and strengthens connections and trust in our wider communities resulting in a happier neighbourhood for everyone.

So remember:

1. Communicate with people living around you: 'say hello' to both new and existing neighbours. Keep them informed if you're planning something that could affect your neighbours.

2. Help others: having supportive neighbours helps you to recover quicker and cope easier during times of emergency or personal hardship.

4. Celebrate the community: initiate small events or participate in a community project to celebrate your neighbourhood.

We may not have much control whether disasters occur or not, but having good relationships with your neighbours can make the effects and recovery that much easier.