There are many forms of potential safety issues that could affect your business, including shoplifting, burglary and personal safety issues. The potential risk of these issues occurring can be substantially reduced by implementing several simple steps into your business operations.

Business Safety and Security Tips

  • Ensure your business name and address including street number, are clearly displayed at the front of your business location. This will make it easier for emergency services to locate the premises in an emergency.
  • Place warning stickers or signs around your business such as 'No cash left on premises' or 'Smile you are on camera' to deter potential offenders from stealing or breaking into your business. Follow through with the warning stickers by ensuring you have appropriate cash handling policies in place (and train all staff appropriately) and consider installing CCTV for your business.
  • Where possible utilise Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles.
  • Ensure all points of possible entry have correct security devices installed. Doors should have appropriate locking including deadbolts and security screens. Windows should be lockable and also have security screens installed. This will make it harder for potential offenders to gain entry to your premises.
  • Consider marking all your business property with a specific personal identification tool such as Microdot technology, or make a register of all property and mark the property so that it is identifiable to you if stolen.
  • To help prevent shoplifters be mindful of your store layout. Make your store as visible as possible, do not clutter aisles and keep things tidy.
  • Consider appropriate lighting outside your business. This will allow passers-by and emergency services to have good visibility of your business in hours when it is closed or may be more vulnerable to offending behaviours.
  • Regularly check your business security system to ensure it is in working order in case of an emergency.

Every business owner has an obligation to their employees to provide a safe working environment, including not only that are well trained against potential crime that may occur but also that their work environment is free from harassment, bullying and hazardous situations, that may cause slips or injuries.

Further information can be found at the Queensland Government's Workplace Health and Safety website at Worksafe Queensland.