Ipswich is enriched by our creative spirit and energised by our diverse community.

The development of a great city relies on the myriad elements contributing to its productivity, vibrancy and sustainability. Arts and culture are transformative elements for modern cities. They help to position cities as attractive places to live, work and invest.

Council recognises the importance of culture in building identity and fostering liveability. Recognition and pride in both indigenous and non-indigenous heritage plays a critical role in how we feel about the place where we live and what we have collectively achieved.

The Arts and Cultural Strategy will guide our investment in building community cultural capacity. It responds to important messages we have heard from the community, builds upon our strengths and cements our commitment to arts and culture for the future.

Ipswich City Council, in collaboration with our local arts and cultural sector, will focus resources and actions to the following 5 goals:

#1 Embracing and celebrating our cultural heritage and diversity.
#2 Activating and engaging the whole of our city.
#3 Supporting and increasing engagement with our creative community.
#4 Building creative capacity among our young people.
#5 Listening and providing leadership for the cultural development of our community.

View and/or download Ipswich City Council Arts and Cultural Strategy (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Creative Industries Action Plan

The Creative Industries Action Plan builds on council’s Arts and Cultural Strategy 2018-2023 in consultation with local artists and businesses to support a positive arts and cultural future for Ipswich.

Developing local careers and capacity building opportunities are the focus of a new Creative Industries Action Plan outlining a clear direction to achieve key goals for Ipswich’s arts and cultural communities.

The 5 goals are the focused pathway for resources and actions to grow the creative industries across our local arts and cultural sector.

  1. Building capacity, sharing knowledge, and development of creative infrastructure for current and future participants of creative community.
  2. Supporting and increasing engagement with our creative community.
  3. Support of creative pathways for young people.
  4. Embracing and celebrating our cultural heritage and diversity.
  5. Recognition, respect, and support of First Nations creators.

View or download the Creative Industries Action Plan: An Addendum to the Arts and Cultural Strategy (PDF, 482.8 KB).