We appreciate that your event is important to you and would like to assist in making it a success.  Events are also important to the Ipswich City Council, as they contribute to our local community by providing opportunities for economic growth and fostering community spirit.

Based on the type of event you wish to hold you may be required to apply for a permit or licence.  The Holding an Event in Ipswich online form makes it easy to apply as you will be asked appropriate questions based on the information you provide.

Downloadable application forms are also available however firstly please ensure you understand which form is required for your event.

If wishing to hold your event on public land please refer to the Permit and Licence Information page for further information.

A Temporary Entertainment Event Licence (TEEL) is required for any event in Ipswich that meets the following criteria, whether being held on public or private land:

  • Is likely to have 500 or more people in attendance at any one time; and
  • Is open to the public.

Further information regarding a TEEL can be found on the Temporary Entertainment Event Licenses page.

Major Event Pre-lodgement

Council has defined a major event as one where 2,000 or more participants are expected to attend.  When organising an event of this size there are many things that need to be considered and arranged.

In order to assist with the planning of your major event, Council encourages event organisers to attend a pre-lodgement meeting, which can be applied for by completing the Holding an Event in Ipswich online form.  This will gather general information about your proposed event which a Council officer will use as the basis for organising a pre-lodgement meeting between the event organisers and relevant Council staff.


If you wish to hold your event in one of Ipswich City Council’s many parks, reserves or facilities, Council's Parks Search facility is a great resource to help you find the ideal location suited to the requirements of your event.

Facilities such as playground equipment, strength and agility stations/exercise equipment, BBQs, natural areas, shelters and picnic areas are free for public use on a shared basis and cannot be reserved.

Other popular areas, such as sporting fields, halls, chapels and some open areas, have been set aside within parks and reserves specifically to cater for special activities and events and for commercial use.

Any use within these selected areas requires a permit or licence - please refer to the Permit and Licence Information page for further details and to the Fees and Charges page to find out the prescribed fee required to book a selected area.