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Event Sponsorship

The aim of the Ipswich City Council Event Sponsorship Program is to position the City of Ipswich as a significant event destination in partnership with community groups/organisations that make positive contributions to the quality of life in the local government area - please see sponsorship guidelines below.

Lodging your application

Applications for sponsorship will be considered on an ongoing basis. Applications for Category One sponsorships must be lodged with Council as least four months prior to the event. Applications for Category Two and Three sponsorships must be lodged at least three months prior to the relevant activity/event.

CategoryAmountApplication to be lodged at Council
 One $10,000.00 + Four months prior to event
 Two $5,000.00 - $9,999.00  Three months prior to event 
Three $4,999.00 and below  Three months prior to event

The level of assistance available is limited by Council's budget decision and its priorities. No applicant can be guaranteed funding nor can any applicant be guaranteed to receive the full amount requested. Once approved, applicants will be advised in writing of outcomes.

Information about financial support

  • The decision of Council on funding applications is final.
  • Financial support may require compliance with specific conditions before payment. Should these conditions not be met by the specified date, Council reserves the right to revoke the offer of support.

Eligible organisations

Eligible organisations are defined as follows:

  • Not-for-profit or charitable organisations such as community, cultural, heritage, health, sporting, recreational, and environmental services, which are governed by a clearly defined management and administration structure.
  • Organisations or projects sponsored or under the auspices of a not-for-profit organisation.
  • A third party where there is no financial gain and where projects, events or activities will contribute significantly to community, cultural, social, recreational and environmental enhancement of the City of Ipswich.
  • Organisations which demonstrate a public benefit.
  • Businesses.

Note: For the purpose of these guidelines a business is defined as "an enterprise entered into for the expectation of making a profit" (extracted from Master Tax Guide, CCH Australia Ltd)

Ineligible organisations

Ipswich City Council will not support:

  • Political organisations and events run by them.
  • Interstate or overseas travel, except if this delivers clear benefits to the City of Ipswich and Council.

Note: Ipswich City Council will not support any sponsorship retrospectively (i.e. after the event or activity has occurred).

Key Selection Criteria

Council will consider requests for sponsorship which demonstrate the following key outcomes:

  • Alignment with Council's Corporate Plan
  • Community engagement and support
  • Economic benefit and visitor attraction
  • Appropriate exposure for Council and the City of Ipswich
  • Uniqueness of the event
  • Sustainability and growth potential
  • Partnership development.

Acquittal of funds

If your community group/organisation has received funding from Ipswich City Council within the past 12 months, it is a requirement that you submit an acquittal for these funds. Your new application for sponsorship will not be processed unless the acquittal has been completed.

How to apply

Complete and submit the online Event Sponsorship Application Form.

If you require additional assistance please contact us on (07) 3810 6628.