When planning earthworks or tree clearing on a private property, it is important to obtain proper guidance and advice from Ipswich City Council's Planning and Regulatory Services Department on any approval requirements specific to your property.


  • If you are planning to undertake earthworks or import fill onto your property, it is important to be aware of Council’s development approval requirements and the possible impacts these activities may have on your neighbours. In some cases importing fill material onto a property can alter existing drainage and may lead to local flooding and stormwater problems.
  • Many properties in our region, especially in low lying areas, are located on flood plains. Importing fill material in the floodplain is not generally encouraged because it reduces the available flood storage area, which can lead to an increase in flood levels and affect flood behaviour on other properties.
  • Undertaking earthwork activities and importing clean fill material onto private property is regulated through the current Ipswich City Council Planning Scheme. Certain work can be undertaken without an approval from council but the requirement for an approval depends on a number of factors.
  • If you wish to conduct earthworks without the requirement of an approval you must meet all the criteria detailed in Schedule 8 of the current Planning Scheme.
  • View Earthworks Factsheet under More Information below.

Tree clearing

  • We protect trees and vegetation on private land to preserve the city's character, amenity, biodiversity, historical and ecological values.
  • If you would like to remove any vegetation on your property, you may be required to obtain an approval from Council.
  • This requirement depends on a number of factors, including the zoning of your property and compliance with the Vegetation Management Code contained in the Ipswich City Council Planning Scheme.
  • View Vegetation Management Factsheet under More Information below.

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