Permanent living in any temporary home is not supported in the local laws (i.e. not the intent of it). Permanent living in temporary accommodation is only permitted in a caravan park.

Temporary home permits

Temporary home permits are granted for two main reasons and generally have a time-limit of 12 months with the possibility of a 6-month extension (at no extra charge) to be granted on request.

The maximum term is 18 months with no renewal.

A permit will be given if the person wishes to live temporarily e.g. in a caravan, tent, etc. on their block of land while building (and building approval for the permanent house must be in Council’s records in order for the permit to be issued) or in exceptional circumstances, e.g. looking after a terminally ill relative.

Permit information required

  • Details of the building application number. A building application is a prerequisite to obtaining a temporary home permit. Alternatively, in the case of caring for a terminally-ill relative, details of written advice from a medical practitioner that full-time care is required and expected for the duration of the illness.
  • Details of the location of the temporary home within the property on which the temporary home is located e.g. supplying a map with dimensions.
  • A drawing showing the design and dimensions of the proposed temporary home – is this a caravan, tent, shed? If the temporary home is a caravan, Council will accept photographs as evidence. Please provide the registration number of the caravan if you are using a caravan.
  • Details of the materials out of which the temporary home is (or is to be) constructed and other structural details of the temporary home – photos of the proposed shelter are also able to be submitted.
  • Details about kitchen, sleeping, toilet, storage and laundry facilities to be provided in the temporary home.
  • Details of access to drinking water, e.g. town water supply, rainwater, etc.
  • Does the temporary home release waste water from showers, kitchen, laundry, or toilets to the land, holding tank, sewer or other facility? Please describe how waste water is handled, where it is generated and where it is disposed of.
  • Does the temporary home have electricity? If mains supply isn’t available please advise if you will be using a generator.
  • Does the site have a garbage and recycling collection service?
  • Time period of required permit (in most cases Council issues the permit for 12-months in duration).
  • If the applicant is not the owner of the land please provide written permission for the temporary home, e.g. a letter from the owner stating that permission is granted and for how long.
  • Details of the maximum number of adults and children who will be living in the temporary home.

Lodging your application

  • Please be aware that Council has 30 business days to process applications.
  • The cost of the permit can be found in Council's Fees and Charges Register.

To submit your application, complete the Temporary Home Permits Application Form, attach the additional information and return with payment to, post to the address on the form or hand deliver to:

Planning and Regulatory Services Department
Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich