This information is provided to assist you in submitting applications for advertised vacancies within Ipswich City Council.

Thank you for enquiring about a vacant position advertised by the Ipswich City Council. The Council is an equal employment opportunity employer and applies merit based selection techniques.

Please read this information carefully as it will help you to understand the Council’s selection process and to prepare your application.

Selection is based on the assessment of each applicant in relation to the selection criteria provided for the advertised vacancy.

Position Description

Before a position is advertised, the requirements of that position are analysed and a position description is prepared.  That position description should be included with this document.  The key components of the position description include the primary role and the key responsibilities. The selection criteria are then framed from the position description and consist of the experience, knowledge, skills, qualifications, training and abilities required to successfully undertake the position.

Selection Process

The selection process involves a panel of three Council employees assessing how your knowledge, skills and abilities meet each of the selection criteria.

The first stage of the selection process is based on your written application, so it is important to demonstrate your experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, qualifications and training in your resume.

The selection process includes:

  • Shortlisting – selection for subsequent stages based on the written application
  • Structured interview – a panel asks you questions based on the selection criteria
  • Reference checking – the panel contacts your nominated referees


There is no set format for your written application. However, you must submit the following information:

  • A covering letter of no more than 2 pages outlining the key reasons for your interest in the role, your contact address and telephone number. Please quote the reference number of the position in your covering letter.
  • An easily read and concise resume including details of education and qualifications and your employment history in chronological order starting with your current position.  Please include details of where you have worked, positions held, periods of employment and brief details of duties performed.
  • At least two referees including their names, position titles, addresses and telephone numbers.  Your referees should be people who can provide information about your current/past positions and how you meet the selection criteria.  Obtain your referees’ permission before nominating them and give each a copy of your application and the selection criteria so that they are better able to speak on your behalf.

The selection process is competitive and you will need to demonstrate that you are the best person for the position.

Tips for compiling your application

  • Give complete and relevant information but be concise. Your application is a tool to sell your skills and abilities and is the first stage of the selection process.  Supply as much detail as is necessary to fully explain your capabilities.
  • Use positive and active language (e.g. “I implemented …”) rather than passive language (e.g. “A system was implemented by …”).
  • Avoid being long-winded or padding the application with irrelevant information.
  • Avoid overstating your case or exaggerating your abilities. The job market is competitive. Make sure that your application is well presented, succinct and relevant.

Where to apply

To view current vacant positions go to Careers@Ipswich.

Ipswich City Council has implemented an online recruitment system which allows candidates to apply for jobs online using a range of electronic and mobile devices.

To apply for vacancies go to Careers@Ipswich and select the “Apply Online” button on the job advertisement.  To register for Job Alerts select the “My Jobpage” tab and register as a new user. Select “Access my profile” to create a job alert.

All applications are acknowledged
The selection panel will consider all applications submitted. Applications will not be excluded for any reason which is not directly related to the selection criteria.

Late applications
Please apply by the advertised closing date as late applications may not be accepted.


Interviews follow a structured process, with the panel asking all applicants the same questions.  However, they may follow up or explore particular issues with applicants that arise from their applications and/or questions asked of them.  The questions are designed to gather information on how well you meet the selection criteria.

You may be asked two types of questions: behavioural and situational.

  • Behavioural questions ask for examples of how you have handled certain situations in the past.
  • Situational questions focus on how you would handle a particular situation or aspect of the position.

Consider the type of questions you may be asked. Your answers should accurately reflect your knowledge, skills and abilities.

After the interview, the selection panel will rate or assess your performance against each criteria and against the performance of other applicants.

Other selection techniques may be included in the process. For example, you may be asked to provide examples of previous work or to participate in a work test.

The panel will contact your named referees. Please note that candidates will be requested to provide their current supervisor as a referee if they are the preferred candidate.

If you have any special requirements to enable you to attend an interview, such as building access or communication assistance please inform the person arranging the interview.

Notification of Appointment

Following interviews, the successful applicant will be notified and sent an offer of appointment. Some positions may require completion of pre-employment checks such as medicals and verification of qualifications.

Successful candidates are required to provide proof of entitlement to work in Australia.  All other applicants are notified that their application has not been successful.

Further Information
If you need more information or clarification about the selection process or the advertised role, please contact Ipswich City Council’s Human Resources Branch on (07) 3810 7846.