The City of Ipswich Transport Plan (branded ‘iGO’) is Ipswich City Council’s masterplan for Ipswich’s transport future. It responds to current and future transport challenges and outlines council’s aspirations to advance the city’s transport system to accommodate a future population of 435,000 people. iGO is a strategic long-term plan with a range of policy focus areas, network maps and actions. The outcomes of iGO will be delivered over the coming years to shape a sustainable transport future for Ipswich.

Network Action Plans

Future Network Action Plans

  • iGO Road Safety Action Plan
  • iGO Freight Action Plan
  • iGO Parking Strategy
  • iGO Direction Sign and Route Marker Action Plan
  • iGO Local Area Traffic Management Action Plan

Contact Details

iGO Project Team
Infrastructure Strategy Branch
Ipswich City Council
Phone: 07 3810 6666
Postal: PO Box 191,  Ipswich QLD 4305