Home Security Assessment

A home security assessment is designed to assist you in making your home a safe and liveable place. With the checklist, you will be able to decide any security and safety changes needed within your home, in accordance with your needs and budget.

If you live in rental accommodation, please present the checklist to your landlord and discuss your options. If this is not possible or the landlord will not undertake the work, please check with the landlord prior to undertaking any work yourself.

To make your house safe in the suburbs there are a few principles to take into consideration. These principles fall under Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).

What is CPTED?

CPTED is an approach to using knowledge and creativity to renovate or design new environments in ways that can reduce or prevent criminal incidences from occurring. Communities, individual homes, buildings, streets and parks can all be made safer through the application of CPTED principles.

CPTED works to increase safety and security through:

  • increasing passive or natural surveillance
  • design for easy navigation, particularly in neighbourhoods
  • defining ownership through clear boundaries between private and public spaces
  • community ownership of purposely built environments to promote shared responsibility for their security
  • basic maintenance and management of spaces
  • designing community environments to reduce feelings of vulnerability and decrease the likelihood of personal crime occurring.

Here is a brief overview on what to look out for in and around your home:

Outside your home

  • Your shed, garage, wheelie bin and tools should be secured properly with appropriate locks.
  • Ensure you can see your front door from the street and can see the street from your house.
  • Your house number should be clearly visible - this gives the impression of ownership and pride.


  • Ensure you have appropriate lighting such as a sensor light or a timed light at the main entry/exit of your home.


  • External doors should be of solid material.
  • Install appropriate security doors and screens with locks in your home.
  • Install a peep hole so you can identify who is at the door before opening it.
  • Fit high quality security screen on your windows - this will enable you to open your windows to let in fresh air.

Around your home

Property Identification

Marking your property will deter theft and make selling your property difficult. In accordance with Queensland Police it is recommended that you:

  • Mark your property by engraving or micro dotting.
  • After marking your property, visit your local police station, police beat shopfront or neighbourhood police beat and tell them your code.
  • Keep accurate records.

Telephone Scams

Scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to get your money or personal details. Be alert and protect yourself from being scammed.

For further information go to: Scamwatch.gov.au.

Your Neighbourhood

People who know their neighbours are more likely to help each other out in times of emergency. This then helps you cope better during times of crisis and strengthens connections and trust in our wider communities, resulting in a happier neighbourhood for everyone.

For more information on Home security please go to the Queensland Police Services website.