Our Disclosure Log provides documents released in response to information requests made under the Right to Information Act 2009 where they do not contain the applicant's personal information or are otherwise unsuitable for publication according to legislation.

  • Where possible electronic links will be provided in the Disclosure Log to released documents.
  • Where documents have been determined suitable for release they are provided in PDF format.
  • If a copy of the information on our Disclosure Log is required in an alternative form, please contact us and we will endeavour to provide it to you in a more suitable format.
  • If a document is not provided electronically please contact us to determine how to access a copy of the document.

For further information regarding Council’s Disclosure Log please contact the Right to Information Team on (07) 3810 6666 or email righttoinformation@ipswich.qld.gov.au.

Note:  If a Right to Information Application has not yet been finalised or the only documents released contain the applicant's personal information, in accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009 the information will not be displayed in the Disclosure Log. In some cases, deleting information under Section 78 of the Information Privacy Act will result in no text remaining in a document.  Blank pages may exist due to redaction through the decision-making process (e.g. where a page contains irrelevant information or access to the document was refused).  If a page is blank it will not be included in the Disclosure Log.

Disclosure Logs

Disclosure Logs - July 2019 - June 2020

Non-personal information released to applicants under the Act will be progressively published via the disclosure log and marked as (available). In other cases a general description of the enquiry will be provided, however access to these documents will not be available and marked (personal). A request for access to documents marked available can be made to righttoInformation@ipswich.qld.gov.au.

*RTI Applications number may not be sequential due to non-compliant applications

Date of Application

Application Number

No. of Pages

Topic/ Information Requested

16 July 2019


70 Pages (personal)

Any information held by Council regarding the name of the building company who carried out initial unapproved building works at address Augustine Heights

Any information held by Council regarding the name of the excavator operator/company that carried out earth works at address Augustine Heights and caused consequential damage to existing retaining wall

22 August 2019


21 Pages (personal)

Dog attack report - Dog attack at Jack Barkley Park (dog park) at 33 Gledson St. Attack occurred on the 9th July 2019 was reported to the Ipswich City Council on the 10th of July

30 Sept 2019


1 Page (available)

Traffic Light (Signal) phasing report for the traffic light intersection of Burnett Street and Darling Street, Saddlers Crossing QLD

10 Oct 2019


432 Pages (available) (partial release)

Documents and database information relevant to the Ipswich City Council Pest Management Plan 2010 - 2014”

17 Oct 2019


171 Pages (available) (partial release) (personal)

Documents relating to an accident (trip) which occurred  - Risk assessment for bridge construction in Haig street Quarry, Brassall near Willy Wagtail Circuit, accident procedure documents, trip hazard documents

1 Nov 2019


264 Pages (available) (partial release)

Backflow Prevention Device Register

7 Nov 2019


26 Pages (personal)

Details regarding the creation and ongoing matters relating to management of the account for waste and recycling charges at address Bundamba

9 Jan 2020


1 Video File (available)

(partial release)

CCTV Footage – John Street / William Street Rosewood QLD 4340 showing vehicle incident details

6 March 2020


53 Pages


All documents / information with respect to Customer Engagement System (CES) requests at address Redbank Plains – Drainage Maintenance – Stormwater/Overland flow complaint

6 March 2020


108 Pages (personal)

All Ipswich City Council correspondence, memos, documents, communications and evidence relating to the damage that occurred to property at address in Camira as a result of construction works at address in Camira

Disclosure Logs - July 2018 - June 2019

Date of Application

Application Number

No. of Pages

Topic/Information Requested

18 July 2018



Information relating to Development Application CA 1149/2018 which has not been posted on Ipswich City Council PD Online including all communications between Ipswich City Council and the Qld State Government in respect to the application of the Temporary Local Planning Instrument TLPI 1/2018.

All advices given to Ipswich City Council by the State Government or any other external party including Consultants engaged by Ipswich City Council in respect to the possible impact of the TLPI on Development Applications generally.

All internal memos, diary notes and discussion papers held by Ipswich City Council in respect to Development Application CA 1149/2018 together with all correspondence received.

7 Aug 2019 RTI-18-039 576

All council files in relation to town planning, building works & operational works associated with: Lot 1 RP885020 & Lot 2 RP885020, Lot 2 RP202980, lot 2 RP207942 and Lot 228 on SL12093.

7 Sept 2018 RTI-18-042 15

Copy of drawing plans and construction costs submitted by ICC for Qld Govt Female Facilities Grant submitted in 2017 for Jim Donald Parklands.

These drawing plans include all construction plans including plumbing, building, electrical constructions costs as detailed by Quantity Surveyor.

These plans and costs are for dressing rooms to be constructed and were submitted in Female Facilities Grant program.

17 Sept 2018 RTI-18-043 0

Email correspondence between Paul Pisasale and any representatives of Veolia

17 Sept 2018 RTI-18-044 143

Emails between Paul Pisasale and former Queensland Times editor including but not limited to discussions about a July 2016 trip to south-east Asia by both Paul Pisasale and former Queensland Times editor, including itineraries, flight requests and other travel planning work.

26 Sept 2018 RTI-18-046 32

The process and information of when council is purchasing the goods and services for the Animal Management Centre/Pound, in particular mowing and gardening services.

1. What is Animal Management’s process as to when to engage a supplier to maintain the pounds grounds with mowing services?

2. Between July 2016 and August 2018, how many times was a supplier engaged to maintain the pounds grounds?

3. How is consideration given to all prospective suppliers?

4. How are the engaged suppliers chosen?

5. Is there a list of pre-approved preferred suppliers that the HSRS department can choose from?

6. How many different mowing suppliers have be engaged as in the time period in point 2?

4 Oct 2018 RTI-18-048 48

All correspondence, emails, internal notes, logged phone conversations and technical justifications in relation to planning department decision notices 2342/2016/RAL and 4505/2017/OW. Including, but not limited to information regarding stormwater and flooding liability.

14 Nov 2018 RTI-18-049 4

All documents relating to Permit No. 999/DWP – 22 October 2013. Address – 67 Boundary Road Carole Park QLD 4300.

26 Nov 2018 RTI-18-051 11

Maintenance history for trees only for Hancock Street, Ipswich.

18 Dec 2018 RTI-18-055 12

Documents and data relating to odour nuisance, issues and complaints experienced around Lumbye Place and Vauxhall Street (and Andrew Underwood Park), North Tivoli over the last 5 years. This includes documents relating to the performance of and/or any issues relating to sewerage infrastructure in that locality.

6 Feb 2019 RTI-19-001 11

All documented enquiries on the property, either email, letter or otherwise – 45 Queen Street Goodna (pre-development applications/plans).

6 Feb 2019 RTI-19-002 25

All documented enquiries on the property – 138 Whitehill Road Eastern Heights – regarding the use of land, pre-development enquiries 2010 – January 2019.