Council provides a number of services and activities to the residents of Ipswich. Below is a general list of Council services available to the public. Information regarding our corporate publications, media releases, latest Council news and events and fact sheets regarding waste services, animals, community health, environmental management, public places and neighbour handouts are also available on our main website.


See Council's advertising webpage for information on:

  • Light pole banners
  • Overpasses/bridges
  • Bus shelters.

Animal Management

See Council's animal management webpage for information on:

  • Lost and injured animals
  • Pet Education and AVA PetPEP
  • Adopting an animal
  • Birds, poultry and pigeons
  • Livestock
  • Pest and nuisance animals
  • Leash, Tag, Carrybag campaign.

To report an animal that has been found contact Council on (07) 3810 6666. Council will take your details and address and register the animal on the Lost, Found and Impounded Register. If the animal has been reported as missing Council will liaise with the owner and the finder to reunite the animal with its owner. If you have reported your animal as lost and it has been found don't forget to contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 to remove your animal's details from the register.

Building, Planning and Development

See Council's building webpage and/or Planning and Development website for information on:

  • Development applications
  • Building and plumbing inspections
  • Heritage advisor service
  • Pool building approval and regulation.


See Council's cemeteries webpage for information on cemeteries in Ipswich.

Children and Youth

See Council's children and youth webpage for information on programs and events for our younger generations:

Or visit Ipswich Library's website for information about activities for children and young people.

Council Facilities

See Council's Humanities Centre webpage for information on community meeting spaces and facilities in Ipswich.

Emergency Management

See Council's emergency management webpage for information on preparing for and managing emergency situations.


See Council's environment webpage for information on Ipswich environmental topics, including:

Grants and Sponsorships

See Council's funding and support webpage for a range of grants and sponsorships in various fields, including:

Home Assist

See Council's Home Assist webpage for information regarding housing-related assistance for elderly and disabled community members.

Ipswich Art Gallery

See Council's Ipswich Art Gallery webpage for information relating to collections and exhibitions.

Ipswich Civic Centre

See Council's Ipswich Civic Centre webpage regarding events, functions and use of the Conference Centre.

Laws and Regulations

See Council's laws and regulations webpage regarding various local laws, including laws dealing with:

Ipswich Libraries

See Council's Ipswich Libraries webpage for information on Ipswich library branches.

Online Services

See Council's Online Services portal for information and payment options for a wide range of services, including:


See Council's seniors webpage for information, activities and services relating to senior members of the community.

Volunteer Programs

See Council's volunteering webpage for information about the various opportunities offered through our Volunteer Program, including:

  • Ipswich Art Gallery
  • Ipswich Libraries
  • Ipswich Civic Centre
  • Queens Park
  • Ipswich Visitor Information Centre
  • Volunteering at cemeteries
  • Volunteering at bushland reserves
  • Volunteering at parks
  • Council event volunteers.


See Council's waste webpage for information about residents and business waste services:

More Information

For any questions regarding our services contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 or email