Looking forward twenty years, our vision is one of emotionally connected people with a strong sense of belonging and pride in the City of Ipswich. Job growth is keeping pace with population growth. The rate of employment is higher than the Queensland average.

Advance Ipswich builds on the programs and strategies in the previous i2020 and i2031 Community Plans and provides a renewed and contemporary focus for the future of the city. The plan responds to current and future changes in the city and related opportunities and challenges.

The themes within Advance Ipswich identify areas for action and provide information for the planning and service delivery of Council’s corporate and operational plans, as summarised below:



Strengthening our local economy and building prosperity

Use the competitive advantages of the Ipswich economy to provide jobs for the growing population and prosperity for the city through diversifying business, adapting and responding to technological advances and creating an attractive economic environment for business investment.

Managing growth and delivering key infrastructure

Plan and develop a vibrant and sustainable city that accommodates the needs of a diverse and growing population and economy.

Caring for our community

Create a city that values its past and embraces opportunities to work together for the betterment of the community.

Caring for our environment

Conserve important areas of native vegetation habitat, protect and improve the water quality of the city’s important waterways, respond appropriately to climate change and use resources prudently.

Listening, leading and financial management

Provide visionary and accessible leadership that consults and communicates on key decisions and delivers sound financial management and good governance outcomes.

While Advance Ipswich is a shared vision with the community, Council’s Corporate Plan sets the strategic direction for the city and 'makes it happen'. Combined with other strategic Council documents, Council allocates resources over a five-year period to achieve specific outcomes.

Each year Ipswich City Council adopts an Operational Plan identifying activities that work toward achieving the goals, objectives and strategies outlined in the Corporate Plan, as well as providing the framework for Council to prepare its annual budget.

There are a number of key corporate publications available on our website that promote and report on Council’s performance in delivering strategies, major projects and operational business and services, including:

More Information

For any questions regarding our priorities contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 or email council@ipswich.qld.gov.au.