The new integrity based policy package for councillors sets leading practice standards for all incoming councillors to ensure that good governance, ethical and legal behaviour standards and transparent and effective processes are in place, providing a clear benchmark for all interactions between councillors, council officers and members of the community. The Crime and Corruption Commission Operation Windage report highlighted several areas of concern related to non-compliance with council policies and procedures. This integrity package addresses several of the findings made and places more appropriate and transparent controls around the risk areas.

Councillor Code of Conduct (PDF, 3.5 MB)
Councillor - Staff Interaction Policy (PDF, 1019.2 KB)
Councillor Expenses Reimbursement and Administrative Support Policy (PDF, 906.6 KB)
Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy (PDF, 946.9 KB)
Councillor Contact with Lobbyists, Developers and Submitters Policy (PDF, 613.1 KB)
Representation of the City at Official Functions Policy (PDF, 613.3 KB)
Councillor Capture and Retention of Public Records Policy (PDF, 610.6 KB)
Meetings Procedures Policy (PDF, 1002.0 KB)
Investigations Policy (PDF, 759.4 KB)
Election Caretaker Period Policy (PDF, 932.1 KB)