The City of Ipswich Transport Plan (branded ‘iGO’) is Ipswich City Council’s masterplan for Ipswich’s transport future. It responds to current and future transport challenges and outlines council’s aspirations to advance the city’s transport system to accommodate a future population of 435,000 people. iGO is a strategic long-term plan with a range of policy focus areas, network maps and actions. The outcomes of iGO will be delivered over the coming years to shape a sustainable transport future for Ipswich.

Network Action Plans

Network action plans have been developed to deliver the vision of an Ipswich transport system that is safe, reliable and provides for the sustainable movement of people and goods for all travel modes.

iGO Active Transport Action Plan

In order to meet the growing travel demands of Ipswich and achieve a better quality of life for the community, council recognise that greater emphasis must be given to promoting and realising the opportunities and benefits associated with more sustainable forms of travel such as active transport (e.g. walking and cycling).

As a result, council has developed an Active Transport Action Plan (a key action of iGO, the City of Ipswich Transport Plan) to guide the planning, delivery and promotion of facilities and programs to encourage more people to walk and cycle for transport purposes in Ipswich.

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iGO Public Transport Advocacy and Action Plan

An effective public transport system is a key part of any growing city’s continued social well-being, economic prosperity and environmental health. Ipswich City Council's iGO Public Transport Advoacy and Action Plan (a key action of the iGO City of Ipswich Transport Plan), seeks to use local knowledge of the Ipswich community's transport needs to advocate to key public transport stakeholders for public transport improvements in Ipswich and undertake actions to support and prioritise public transport where appropriate.

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iGO Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy

The iGO Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy outlines Council’s tactical approach to the deployment of intelligent transport capabilities to Ipswich’s transport system. Over the next decade, the Strategy will assist Council in meeting the sustainability outcomes of iGO from an environmental, social, economic and financial perspective.

The strategy is visionary and recommends a way forward to resource, advocate, trial, support and execute the plan in partnership with other levels of government, industry, businesses and the community.

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iGO Road Safety Action Plan

Road safety is an issue that requires an on-going commitment from road authorities and the community to see positive influence. The iGO Road Safety Action Plan (RSAP) outlines an ambitious but realistic vision for reducing road trauma in Ipswich. It details the shared responsibility of all to collaboratively work towards reducing road trauma on the Ipswich transport network.

This plan targets a continuous annual reduction in Fatal and Serious Injury (FSI) crashes, with 11 specific targets to address key opportunities for improvement. These targets are addressed by focusing on five areas of influence, through which 45 actions have been identified for Council and its stakeholders to implement acknowledging the strengths, capabilities, responsibilities and resources of each organisation.

Future Network Action Plans

  • iGO Freight Action Plan
  • iGO Parking Strategy
  • iGO Direction Sign and Route Marker Action Plan
  • iGO Local Area Traffic Management Action Plan

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