The Active Ipswich Strategy 2031 (AIS2031), is council’s commitment to improving health and wellbeing by creating a more active city. The AIS2031 is council’s ten-year strategy to improve participation in and increasing opportunities for physical activity in Ipswich.

This strategy provides council with a clear and focussed strategic direction, meaningful goals and targeted actions for the planning, management and provision of open space land, infrastructure and recreational services and programs in response to the growth of Ipswich and its community.

The development of this strategy has considered:

  • the community’s current and future participation and preferences in physical activity
  • how the community use and access open space
  • barriers and motivation to participation
  • community health issues related to physical activity
  • how council can best respond to this range of issues.

The AIS2031 proposes the following vision:
“Improving the quality of life and health of the community through greater access to passive and active recreation, sport and physical activity through the sustainable provision of land, infrastructure, facilities, services and opportunities”.
This vision will be delivered through a corresponding suite of 27 Action Plans which seeks to increase physical activity accessibility and participation in all Ipswich residents.

The following reports are outcomes from the Active Ipswich Strategy.
A summary of the Active Ipswich Strategy 2031, can be viewed here.
To view the full Active Ipswich Strategy, click the following link.

Ipswich City Council developed the Recreational Cycling and Walking Action Plan as a commitment to increase participation in recreational cycling and walking to support health and wellbeing outcomes. The community was engaged on the Shape Your Ipswich tool. The responses were evaluated and summarised in the Recreational Cycling and Walking Community Engagement Report.

Aquatic Facilities Action Plan

The Aquatic Facilities Action Plan (PDF, 2.0 MB) (AFAP) has been developed in response to a key action identified in the Active Ipswich Strategy 2021-2031 and was adopted by Council in October 2022.

The AFAP is:

  • a commitment to contribute toward developing and supporting physically active and healthy communities
  • provides direction for environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable aquatic facilities
  • provides an action plan to meet the needs of the community, attract a greater level of use, and
  • provide higher quality and diverse aquatic facilities to the community.

The community was engaged on the Shape Your Ipswich tool. The responses were evaluated and summarised in the Aquatic Facilities Action Plan Community Engagement Report (PDF, 872.6 KB).