Camping is one of the most popular holiday activities in Australia. It is a great way to get back to basics and enjoy natural surrounds. Ranging from a basic swag or tent to a luxury caravan, there is sure to be a camping trip that suits you - some of Ipswich's most popular camping spots are listed below.

Places to camp

Hardings Paddock

Rosewood Showgrounds

  • If you’d prefer to enjoy the regional town of Rosewood then the local Lions Club operates a camping facility at the Rosewood Showgrounds.
  • Bookings are recommended when there is an event on in the region - make your bookings via the Rosewood Lions Club website.

Safety tips

Always carry plenty of water when camping, pack warmer clothes for night time, sun protection and hats for day time and a first-aid kit. Take care and keep an eye on children around barbecues and campfires.

Code of conduct

While most campers are respectful to the environment and other people while out in nature, it’s always worth remembering the key things we all need to stick to, to protect what we came to enjoy.

  • Respect other campers by keeping noise to a minimum, especially after 10 pm.
  • BYO firewood, camp shower and drinking water.
  • Extinguish fires before leaving to prevent bushfires.
  • Do not disturb or remove any plants, animals, rocks or artifacts from cultural sites.
  • Leave no trace - remove all rubbish you take in and respect the environment.
  • Do not feed the wildlife.
  • No dogs or generators.
  • Always read and obey all signage.
  • In case of accidents or emergencies call 000 or 112 immediately.