If you’ve got a need for speed, then mountain biking may be your thing. There are plenty of quality trails within the Ipswich region for riders of all levels and experience, so grab your bike and your helmet and hit the tracks today.

Beginner riders and families

  • The trails at White Rock-Spring Mountain Conservation Estate are family-friendly and a great place to introduce new riders to the experience of riding in the bush without having to worry too much about obstacles or technical trail features. These are multiuser trails, so remember that bikes must always give way to walkers and horse riders. From Paperbark Flats Picnic Area (end of School Road, Redbank Plains) riders can enjoy the Six Mile Creek Track, White Rock Multi-User Trail and the Yaddamun Trail. View the White Rock - Spring Mountain Trail Guide  (PDF, 4.4 MB)
  • At Springfield Lakes, trails can be accessed from Wild Iris Terrace and Speckled Circuit. While you’re in the area, check out the pump track at Grande Park.
  • Another great place to start mountain biking is Mihi Junction, offering approximately 1.5km of cross-country mountain bike trails suited to all ability levels and a new pump track and jumps for more advanced riders. A shelter is provided for parents to keep an eye on their children. The trails flow straight off the Brassall Bikeway near the corner of Haig Street and Collins Street, Brassall. A bike-repair station is provided in case you need to make any adjustments to your bike and drinking water is located next to the large steel sculpture near the end of Haig Street.
  • The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) is another great option for mountain biking in the region. It offers 162km of recreational trail that follows the disused Brisbane Valley railway corridor. Some sections of the trail can be quite rough, making it ideal for mountain bikers. As it’s a shared trail, be sure to give way to hikers and horse riders. View the BVRT interactive trail map. 
  • The latest must-do trail in Ipswich is a fun, flowing cross country loop through Hillview Drive Reserve. Suitable for an intermediate skill level, this 6km Blue Rated loop rolls through endless undulating hills and crosses a maze of gullies on its way through the forest. You’ll feel like you are miles from anywhere on this trail; the perfect place to escape for an hour or two. Kholo Gardens is just a short pedal down the road if you need water, toilets and barbecues to make it the perfect day out.  For the more adventurous there are some quality hand-built trails to be explored on the opposite side of Riverside Drive, including an alternative link to Kholo Gardens and a loop through Kholo Road Park. Check out the Naeus Explore App on your phone to find these hidden treasures.  Please remember that cyclists must give way to walkers on these shared trails, and respect the environment by leaving no trace of your visit.

Experienced riders

  • Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve (7B Mary Street, Blackstone) is an ideal place for riders with more advanced skills to ride technical single track. Much loved by local riders, this MTB mecca features a range of black diamond-rated trails with challenging technical features for advanced riders as well as a network of blue-rated cross-country style trails for those looking for a varied cross-country ride. The authentic hand-built single trails provide an alternative to the machine-built trails in other mountain bike venues.
  • Designed by former world champion MTB Trials rider Janine Jungfels, the Castle Hill MTB Trials Area has a complete range of trials features to encourage skill progression from beginner right up to elite level.
  • Trials riding is an extreme test of bike skills, balance, control, power and nerve. It is a very specialised form of cycling and should not be attempted without a sound understanding of the specific skills, techniques, fitness, safety and equipment required. Please heed all safety signage before attempting to ride the trials area.
  • The Trials Area includes a log section, rock section and concrete pipe section.
  • View the Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve Mountain Biking Trails Guide (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Privately-owned tracks

Hidden Vale Adventure Park near Grandchester welcomes the public to use their mountain bike trails and has more than 100km of incredible tracks to explore. They also host major MTB events through the year including The Cycle Epic, Dingo Duo, 3+3 and a 24-hour race. For more information, visit their Facebook page and check out some of the awesome videos of the park on the Hidden Vale website.


There are two main clubs in the Ipswich area dedicated to mountain biking. Each offers membership to people of all interest and fitness levels and often organises social gatherings for members to get to know one another. Both the Ipswich Cycling Club and Ipswich Off Road Cyclists are affiliated with Mountainbike Australia (MTBA).

Safety tips

Like any activity that involves venturing out into nature, when mountain biking, it’s wise to take a number of simple steps to keep yourself safe. Before you head off, be sure to notify someone of your planned route, check weather forecasts and fire and weather warnings, keep your bike well maintained and check equipment. Importantly, always wear a correctly fitted helmet that complies with Australian safety standards. Pack plenty of water and sunscreen as well as food and make sure you wear appropriate clothing and protective gear. Take a fully-charged mobile phone and emergency contact details with you.

Code of conduct

While most riders are respectful to the environment and other people while out in nature, it’s always worth remembering the key things we all need to stick to in order to protect what we came to enjoy.

  • Stay on designated trails at all times, making sure not to cut corners.
  • Be courteous and respect others – riders must always give way to pedestrians.
  • When travelling downhill, riders must give way to those travelling uphill.
  • Always inspect technical features before attempting to ride them – these trails contain natural and man-made features that may change over time.
  • It is your responsibility to ride within your ability and respect trail ratings.
  • Do not disturb or remove any plants, animals, rocks or artefacts from cultural sites.
  • Leave no trace - remove all rubbish you take in and respect the environment.
  • Always read and obey all signage.
  • Respect neighbouring private properties by staying within the reserve boundaries.
  • In case of accidents or emergencies call 000 or 112 immediately.

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