If you like to get out and about on your trusty steed, Ipswich offers a number of horse riding trail options and facilities in the larger conservation estates. You’ll find everything you and your gee-gee need to enjoy a great day out.

Places to ride

Harding’s Paddock

  • Facilities at Hardings Paddock (Carmichaels Rd, Purga) include plenty of parking for your float, a watering trough, hitching rails, timber holding yards, horse gates, directional signs and picnic settings. From the picnic area you can ride out on wide trails to locations such as Goolman Lookout, Rocky Knoll or even right down to Flinders Plum along the Flinders Goolman Track.
  • Although the trails are wide, these are multiuser trails and there are some steep sections so careful riding is required. The 9km Horse Trail Circuit is a great place to get a taste of what riding in Ipswich is all about.
  • View the Flinders-Goolman Trails Guide (PDF, 8.3 MB)

Paperbark Flats

  • The Yaddamun Trail takes its name from the Indigenous word for horse, and starts at Paperbark Flats, taking you all the way to Springfield Lakes, returning on the same track. The return trip provides a beautiful 20km ride, which usually takes two to four hours. As this is a multi-user shared trail, you may come across walkers and cyclists on your journey.
  • The horse float parking area is on your left immediately as you enter the White Rock - Spring Mountain Estate at the end of School Rd, Redbank Plains. It features plenty of parking, a water trough, hitching rails, horse gates, directional signs and a picnic table to support your ride. Please note that this is the only watering point provided in the estate.
  • View the White Rock – Spring Mtn Trails Guide

Pine Mountain Bridle Trail

  • This trail meanders through the beautiful suburb of Pine Mountain through unmade road reserves, quiet country roads and along the fringe of Pine Mountain Bush Reserve. It connects with the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail to form part of a larger multiuser trail network.
  • Look for the trail signs along Lilly Rd, Trowers Road, Russels Road (near the cricket pitch) and Pine Mountain Quarry Road.


There are a number of clubs and groups in the Ipswich area dedicated to horse riding. Most offer membership to people of all interest and skill levels, often organising social gatherings for members to get to know one another. The major club in the region is Ipswich & District Trail Horse Riders, part of the Australian Trail Horse Riders Association, which holds trail rides at least once a month.

Safety tips

Like any activity involving venturing out into nature, when horse riding it’s wise to take a number of simple steps to keep yourself safe. Before you head off, be sure to notify someone of your planned route, check weather forecasts, fire and weather warnings and all equipment. Importantly, always wear a correctly fitted helmet and other safety gear. Pack plenty of water, food and sunscreen, ensuring you are dressed appropriately. Take along a fully-charged mobile phone with emergency contact details saved.

Code of conduct

While most horse riders are respectful of the environment and other people while out in nature, it’s always worth remembering the key things we all need to stick to in order to protect what we came to enjoy:

  • Ride only on trails that are designated for horse riding – do not take shortcuts or form new trails.
  • Always read and obey all signage.
  • Only allow horses to cross natural watercourses at designated crossing points on the trail, so as to protect watercourses in the area.
  • Do not allow horses to enter or remain in natural watercourses and do not wash horses in natural watercourses.
  • Ensure horses are under control or securely tethered at all times so as not to pose a safety risk to the rider or another person, annoy other park users or cause damage to the area.
  • Be courteous and respect others – riders must always give way to pedestrians.
  • Do not disturb or remove any plants, animals, rocks or artefacts from cultural sites.
  • Leave no trace - remove all rubbish you take in and respect the environment.
  • Respect neighbouring private properties by staying within the reserve boundaries.
  • In case of accidents or emergencies call 000 or 112 immediately.