Cycling is a great way to get around. It’s cheaper than driving, causes less pollution and can be quicker for short trips, especially in peak hour. You can also get all the exercise you need each day just by riding your bicycle to the shops, school or work.

Ipswich, Queensland’s oldest provincial city, is an alluring blend of heritage charm, metropolitan sophistication and expansive green spaces. With more pathways, bike trails and dedicated mountain bike trails being provided all the time, there has never been a better time to get on your bike.

This Cycle Ipswich webpage will help you find a ride that will suit every member of the family.

Alfred Seymour Park


This central park in Bundamba has some great paths to ride....

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Augustine Heights Loops


Ride in a figure eight around Jones Road Reserve and Brittains Road Reserve....

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Brassall Bikeway

14km return

The Brassall Bikeway is an off-road bike path that connects many community hubs....

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Bundamba Loop

20.8km return

Ride a loop through East Ipswich to West Ipswich and Raceview before returning to Bundamba....

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Criterion Track


Choose to practice riding or race at the Ipswich Criterium Track on one of the three asphalt loops....

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Discovery Loop East

2.5km loop

Ride around Regatta Lake on the mostly shaded bikepath....

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Discovery Loop West

2.3km loop

Ride around Discovery Lake, stopping for a picnic or a play at the playgrounds along the route....

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Faye Carr Park


Ride around and between two great parks in Ripley....

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Goodna Creek

This bikeway travels along Goodna Creek from Redbank Primary School, riding using the overpass over ...

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Goodna Creek Bikeway

This bikeway starts at Redbank Plains State High School and goes through Redbank Plains Recreation r...

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Goodna Station to Redbank Station


Ride from Goodna train Station to Redbank Station, along a mostly off-road bike path....

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Grande Park, Learn to Ride

80m loop

This ‘learn to ride’ concrete track has road signs and line markings to help learn road safety and b...

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Ipswich Central to Bundamba


Ride from Bundamba to Ipswich Central on this on-road and off-road bike path....

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Ipswich Motorway North and South

16.8km return

This bikeway follows the Ipswich Motorway in both directions, with access to all the train stations....

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Limestone Park


Ride on the many paths, before stopping for a picnic in the park....

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Limestone Park to Leichhardt

11.5km return

Ride from Limestone Park and around the suburban streets to Leichhardt....

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Limestone Park to Wulkuraka Station

13km return

Starting from Limestone Park, this ride heads west to Wulkuraka Train Station using a mixture of ope...

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Lobley Park, Churchill


Ride around this park on mostly shaded pathways and stop to play on the playground....

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Opossum Creek


Ride around Opossum Creek bikeway, and around Woogaroo Creek....

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Pan Pacific Peace Gardens


Ride on paved footpaths around Pan Pacific Peace Gardens park in Redbank....

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Riverheart Parklands Cycle Route

4.6km return

Ride through Ipswich Honor Playground along the Bremer River....

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Robelle Domain Parklands


Ride around the many shared, shaded paths in the Robelle Domain parklands....

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Robelle Domain to Discovery Park

4km return

Explore Robelle Domain and Springfield Lakes while riding to Discovery Park....

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Robelle Domain to Grande Park

6km return

Explore Robelle Domain, before riding to the learn to ride track at Grande Park....

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Rosewood Loop

6.4km return

Ride from Rosewood Train Station, for a single loop around the centre of Rosewood....

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Small Creek Bikeway


Ride through the rejuvenated Small Creek on a scenic bike path....

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Spring Lake East Park and Ride

East 950m loop; West 1.5km loop

Ride in a figure 8 around the scenic Spring Lake Park....

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Springfield Central


This bi-directional bikeway connects Springfield Central Train Station with the Springfield Central ...

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Springfield Lakes Bikeway


Ride on mostly shaded paths along Opossum Creek....

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Suttons Park, Learn to Ride


This ‘learn to ride’ concrete track will teach road safety and boost the confidence of young riders....

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