Whether you’re looking for a social ride or want to take your riding to the next level, joining a cycling group or club can be a great way to push yourself to ride further and faster in a fun, social environment.

Friends of Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

Head out on Australia’s longest rail trail - Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) - stretching 161 kilometres. Friends of Brisbane Valley Rail Trail can help get you started on your rail trail adventure.

Ipswich Cycling Club

It’s not all about racing at Ipswich Cycling Club. The club offers social and training rides for riders of all ages and abilities, including junior development activities for kids.

Ipswich Triathlon Club

You don’t have to swim or run to join Ipswich Triathlon Club for a spin on two wheels. The club hold weekly cycle training sessions at Ipswich Cycle Park.

Springfield Riders Group

Springfield Riders Group (SRG) hold a weekly road ride. SRG cater for both road and mountain bike riders with additional training rides, social rides and racing posted on their Facebook page weekly.

Ipswich and West Moreton BMX Club

BMX riding is a fantastic activity for the whole family, with children four years and upwards and adults participating. Ipswich and West Moreton BMX Club hold regular training and competition events for anyone wishing to give the track a go.

How to cycle in a group

Here’s some basic group riding rules you should follow:


Point or call out hazards clearly

Overtake on the left

Keep one hand on the handlebars at all times

Brake suddenly

Stay in formation

Overlap wheels

Hold a steady pace


Obey traffic rules


Informal Group Rides

Are you part of a cycling club that would like to welcome new riders to your group? Get in touch with Council to get your club added here.