Whether you’re planning to escape peak hour traffic or take a bike path less travelled, there’s plenty of ways to ride Ipswich.

Choose your riding type below:

Recreational Riding

If you’re looking for a way to soak up the scenery, grab your bike, scooter or even skateboard, and helmet and head outdoors for a recreational ride.

Cruise to the shops, cafes, parks or along one of the many bikeways or footpaths available to explore Ipswich on two wheels .

Riding to work, school or study

If you choose to ride you can save on costs (petrol or public transport fares), while improving your overall health and fitness and being environmentally friendly.

Riding is a great way for children to adopt the Active School Transport (AST) program, and for adults to clear their mind before arriving at home or work.

Tip: if you’re commuting early morning or late afternoon, make sure you have visible clothing and lights for other riders and drivers.

BMX riding

Learn how to pedal your way around one of Ipswich’s purpose-built BMX tracks - suitable for both children and adults.

Remember: This type of riding requires a specific BMX bike suitable for the track.

Mountain Biking

Whether you like a fast downhill single track or wide open valley trail, there’s a number of outdoor trails to discover on your mountain bike.

Remember: This type of riding requires a specific bike built for the terrain and is not suitable for road bikes.

Competitive and training riding

If the need for speed is calling, Ipswich has a number of cycling clubs to help you achieve your two-wheel competitive goals .

From criterium training and racing, to road races, take your riding to the next level in Ipswich.

Rides in Ipswich