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Livestock includes animals such as cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, camels, goats, deer, llamas etc. To keep livestock in Ipswich City Council you need to follow the local laws and meet the minimum standards.

Livestock owner responsibilities

To keep livestock you need a minimum of 800m2 of unencumbered land (land free of buildings and dams) for each animal.

A permit is required to keep livestock unless your property is zoned rural under Council’s Planning Scheme and has a minimum of 4000m2.

For more information, contact Council on (07) 3810 6666.

Local laws

All livestock owners in Ipswich must comply with the minimum standards in accordance with Local Law No. 6 (Animal Management) 2013, regardless of whether they require a permit or not:

  • Manure and urine must not cause a nuisance
  • All feed must be stored in a vermin proof manner
  • A minimum of 800 m² of open land, unencumbered by buildings, available for each animal kept on the property
  • Must not cause a noise, odour or fly nuisance
  • Livestock must be confined to the owner's property at all times - livestock are not allowed to roam.

Miniature breeds

The same standard conditions apply to the keeping of miniature breeds of these varieties of animals, however Council's fencing guidelines reflect the smaller sizes of these animals.  For further information, contact Council on (07) 3810 6666.


Permits are required in some circumstances - see the Livestock - Permit Application Kit or the Horses - Permit Application Kit.

Roaming livestock

  • If there are roaming livestock and you know the owner, speak to the owner first to report the roaming livestock.
  • If you don’t know the owner, report roaming livestock to Council on (07) 3810 6666 with location, address, breed and colour (if known) of the roaming livestock.
  • If your livestock is in the Ipswich Pound and Animal Management Centre, visit the pound and speak to the staff. In most cases, the owner will be charged fees prior to the release of the animal from the pound.
  • Livestock owners may choose to surrender their animal to the Ipswich Pound and Animal Management Centre as long as the owner lives in the Ipswich City Council area. Charges may apply.

Excess livestock on a property

If you believe there are excess livestock on a property, contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 with location and address of the property and number of livestock kept.

Caring for your animals in an emergency

It is important not to forget your animals during an emergency or disaster event. For more information see Caring for Animals in an Emergency. For a handy and downloadable checklist, check out the Pet Emergency Plan.

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