Council provides information to the public in a number of ways including via our websites or through property searches. There are no fees or charges associated with accessing information via our Administrative Access Scheme. Council officers can also provide information on request, subject to legal and policy requirements (e.g. privacy). Any of the below methods can be used to access information:

Publication Scheme


There are various ways to access information on our website, including the search box is situated on the front of the Council home page and at the top of each page of our website. You can also view the website sitemap or FAQs for commonly requested information such as parking and building.

More Information

If you are seeking information that is not already published, we will check to see whether Council holds the information it can be provided to you without formally applying for documents through the Right to Information or Information Privacy processes. (Note: it is helpful if you are able to provide some detail about the type of information you are looking for - e.g. is it a report, email or letter? What date was it created? Do you have a reference number?)