Complaints about building work, land use and other development

When residents are experiencing disruption from someone else’s property use or building work, Council may be able to help. Council enforces laws that regulate certain property use and building work.  Complaints about these matters are investigated by Council’s Development Compliance section.

More detailed information about Council’s powers on regulating property use and development is available on the Regulated Development Fact Sheet.

Development approvals for building work, land use and other development

Development approvals are required for most property uses other than lawful residential occupation.  This also applies to changes in the type or scale of a property use.  More information about land uses and other development that require an approval can be found at Ipswich Planning FAQs.

The correct approvals must be obtained before commencing most building and development work.  More information about building work that requires an approval can be found at Building Approvals.

Complying with an approval

All development approvals have conditions that must be complied with.  Building work is subject to a building permit issued by a building certifier that regulates the work during the project.  In many cases, the building certifier is a private consultant who is not regulated by Council.  All other development such as land use and earthworks require development approvals that are regulated by Council’s Planning Department.  The conditions included in a planning approval remain in force after the construction and during the relevant use.

Repairing or replacing existing retaining walls

The responsibility for repairing or replacing an existing retaining wall is a common question asked by residents and in many cases the issues are civil matters where Council may not be able to intercede. More detailed information on the responsibility, approvals and avoiding and resolving disputes relating to the repair or replacement of retaining walls is available on Repairing or Replacing Existing Retaining Walls Fact Sheet.

Making a complaint about building work, land use and other development

If you are experiencing disruption or impacts or are worried about possible damage or harm from property use, building work or development, you can make a complaint to Council.

More detailed information on how Council handles complaints about property use, building work and development is available on Resolving Complaints About Unlawful Development Fact Sheet.

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