Removal, Confiscation or Impounding of Goods or Property Other Than Vehicles

Ipswich City Council Local Law 1 provides that council may remove, confiscate or impound goods that are left on a local government controlled area or road irrespective of whether the owner of the goods intended to relinquish ownership of the property. Confiscated or impounded goods published here on council’s website may be released to the owner within a certain timeframe or otherwise may be disposed of in a manner determined by council.

Reference No.

Date seized

Seized location

Item description


Note: If this table is blank, there are currently no seized items held. Details regarding impounded vehicles can be located on the Vehicle Legalities and Auctions webpage.

Release of confiscated or impounded goods

If you are the person claiming a right to possession of confiscated or impounded goods you must be able to meet a number of requirements:

  • provide proof of ownership or right to possession to council’s satisfaction
  • provide photographic identification.

Once a person has claimed a right to possession, they have up to 28 days to satisfy the requirements and collect the confiscated or impounded goods. To claim confiscated or impounded goods contact council on (07) 3810 6666 and quote the council reference number from the table above or from the Notice of Confiscation.