Council regulates abandoned and hazardous vehicles parked on public road reserve.  If a vehicle is considered to be abandoned or hazardous Council will take steps to remove the vehicle from the road reserve including impounding the vehicle if the owner fails to move it.

When is a vehicle considered to be abandoned or hazardous?

Hazardous – A hazardous vehicle is a vehicle (registered or unregistered) that has been left on a road or footpath in a way that presents a significant danger or risk.

Note: A lawfully parked vehicle cannot be considered to be hazardous.

Abandoned – An abandoned vehicle includes an unregistered vehicle parked on a road or footpath.

What if I have an issue with an abandoned vehicle on private property (shopping centre/business car park etc.)?

Council does not regulate abandoned vehicles on private property.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to liaise with the Queensland Police Service in relation to these matters.

What if a car/trailer has been parked on the road outside my house and I don’t know who owns it?

If the vehicle is currently registered and lawfully parked no action will be taken by Council to move/remove a vehicle in this scenario.

For information on how to report an abandoned or hazardous vehicle to council select Report an Issue. Being able to provide the description of the vehicle including a registration if available will assist council in investigating the concern.

If you believe your vehicle has been impounded by council and you wish to reclaim it, you should contact council on 07 3810 6666 immediately to make the relevant arrangements.  There are fees payable to council prior to recovering your vehicle.

Impounded Vehicles Available for Auction

  • The vehicles identified as 'Available for Auction' in the table below (current as of 29th February 2024) will be offered for sale by public auction.
  • The auction will take place at council's Kenneth Street Depot, 2 Kenneth Street, Riverview on Wednesday 17th April 2024 pursuant to Section 100 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995.
  • There are no public toilets available at the depot.
  • Enclosed footwear required. No thongs or open shoes. No children are allowed in the Council depot.
  • Only registered bidders can remain for the auction.
  • Viewing of the listed vehicles is permitted from 8.00am on the day of auction with auction to commence at approximately 10am.
  • Council reserves the right to withdraw any vehicle from an advertised auction without prior notice.
  • Owners wishing to reclaim vehicles prior to auction should refer to Release of Impounded Vehicles underneath the below table.
  • Any vehicle purchased at the auction needs to be removed by a specified date and time, or further release fees will apply.

Impounded Vehicles

Impounded Vehicles List
Current as of 29 February 2024

AV No.

Vehicle Description

Found Location

Reg. No.


Available for Auction

008 2012 Mitsubishi Triton Dual cab Macalister Street, Ipswich No plates Intact No
057 Mercedes GLE Wagon (possibly) Claver Place, Riverview No plates Completely burnt out Yes
058 2013 Toyota 86 Coupe Park Edge Drive, Springfield Lakes No plates Intact Yes
059 2004 Red Mini Cooper S Hatchback James Josey Avenue, Springfield Lakes 886DS3 Intact Yes
060 2007 Gold Toyota Aurion Sedan Hermes Way, Wulkuraka No plates Intact Yes
062 2000 Gold Mazda 323 Sedan Figtree Court, Yamanto 324FG7 Intact Yes
063 Silver Holden Astra Sedan Enson Street, Bundamba No plates Intact Yes
064 Blue Box Trailer Somerfield Street, Redbank Plains No plates Intact Yes
066 Holden Commodore Sedan Corner of Blackwall and Kholo Roads, Chuwar No plates Completely burnt out Yes
067 Alfa Romeo Sedan Tongue Street, East Ipswich No plates Intact Yes
068 Silver Ford Fairmont Sedan Essington Mews, Leichhardt No plates Damaged Yes
069 2009 Black Subaru Liberty Sedan Duncan Street, Riverview No plates Intact Yes
071 1994 White Toyota Dyna Truck Eagle Street, Redbank Plains No plates IntactYes
0722007 Red Dodge Nitro WagonVince Elmore Way, Redbank PlainsNo platesIntactYes
073Toyota Corolla HatchbackVince Elmore Way, Redbank PlainsNo platesIntactNo
0742003 Ford Falcon SedanFinlayson Street, Spring MountainNo platesIntactYes
0752013 Silver Holden Captiva WagonAlawoona Street, Redbank PlainsNo platesIntactYes
0762010 Black Jeep Patriot WagonAda Street, Augustine Heights162ZFXIntactYes
077Toyota Corolla WagonLawrie Drive, Collingwood ParkNo platesIntactYes
0782009 Silver Holden Captiva WagonMontgomery Street, RedbankNo platesIntactYes
0792005 Red Holden Commodore UteCottonwood Crescent, Springfield Lakes096ZCVIntactYes
0802014 Hyundai SantaFe WagonShort Street, Bundamba256AW8IntactYes
0812006 VW Golf HatchbackRex Hills Drive, Ripley113AM3IntactYes
0822004 Mazda 6 SedanBrentwood Drive, Ebbw Vale971VLVIntactYes
083Blue Box TrailerEllen Circuit, Springfield LakesNo platesIntactYes
0842004 Holden Commodore SedanMill Lane, RosewoodNo platesPartially strippedYes
085Silver CaravanTile Street, RedbankNo platesIntactYes
087White Hyundai Tucson WagonFlint Street, North IpswichNo platesIntactNo
088Silver Mitsubishi Pajero WagonStrachan Court, Collingwood Park055LQJIntactYes
0912003 White Holden Commodore WagonWall Street, Bundamba616HG5IntactNo
092Grey Box TrailerChampions Way, WillowbankNo platesIntactNo
094Grey Box TrailerRobertson Road, SilkstoneNo platesOne wheel missingYes
0952012 Red Holden Captiva WagonWarrill Street, Redbank Plains422SVIIntactNo
0962012 Grey Mazda BT50 UtilityWarrill Street, Redbank Plains309EX5IntactNo
0972012 Red BMW 320D SedanWarrill Street, Redbank PlainsNo plateAccident damageNo
0982004 Red Holden Rodeo UtilityEdmond Street, MarburgDJ81BH (NSW)Accident damageNo
0992013 Dodge Journey WagonPheasant Lane, Redbank PlainsNo platesIntactNo