Parking permits for metered and timed parking areas can be requested for the following purposes:

  • Work zone
  • Residential (within metered and timed parking areas)

Conditions of Use of a Motor Vehicle Parking Permit

  • Permits must be displayed on the dashboard (kerbside) and be clearly visible while parked under authority of the permit within the regulated parking area.
  • Permits apply only to the road in the vicinity of the premises of the permit holder and allow exemption from time restrictions and paid parking fees.
  • Council reserves the right to immediately revoke any parking permit.
  • Council cannot guarantee or reserve a permit holder a specific parking bay or even that on-street parking will be available for use at any time.
  • The vehicle must immediately be removed from the parking space if requested by an authorised person employed by Ipswich City Council or a Police Officer.
  • Permits can not be used in locations marked with 'No Stopping', 'No Parking' or 'Clearway' signs, other locations where parking is prohibited under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 2009.
  • Permits cannot be used in parking zones signed or metered for time frames of less than two hours unless required for priority work by contractors.
  • Permit must not be used for personal, commuting or unrelated purposes.
  • In accordance with Council’s Local Laws, a parking permit will remain the property of Ipswich City Council and any vandalism, amending, copying or misuse of this permit is an offence.
  • In the event a replacement permit is being requested:
    • The permit holder must complete a statutory declaration that outlines why a replacement permit is required and the facts and circumstances of the loss, destruction or damage of the original permit.
    • Council reserves the right to deny a replacement permit if the facts and circumstances under which the permit was lost, destroyed or damaged are not to the satisfaction of Council.
  • A parking permit is valid for the period on the permit, unless earlier revoked. At the completion of this period, permit holders may apply for a new permit. Any and all permits expire at the end of each financial year or sooner as per the individual permit conditions.
  • A parking permit is non-transferable.
  • Council reserves the right to withdraw any permit by written notification to the permit holder giving 14 days notice.
  • A Penalty Infringement Notice may be issued for failure to comply with the conditions of the permit.
  • Parking permits can only be issued to vehicles with a maximum GVM of 4.5 tonnes. Any operators of heavier vehicles must apply for a Heavy Vehicle Parking Permit through Ipswich City Council’s Planning and Regulatory Services Department.

Specific Permit Conditions/ Supporting Documentation

Work zone parking permit i.e. a person conducting works on a site that requires tools that cannot be carried.

The vehicle must bear the appropriate badge. The driver or occupants must be engaged in work on an adjoining site to the parking location.

Proof of works being conducted on the site must be provided with the application (for example a copy of work order, contract or service request)

Proof that the vehicle is registered the company/organisation must be submitted with the application (for example copy of Registration Notice)

Details of the vehicle including registration number, make, model and colour.

Residential parking permit

A residential parking permit is strictly for residential use only where no off street parking is available and the street is a regulated parking zone.

This permit is only applicable to light vehicles, including sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, 4WDs, utilities, light vans and motorcycles and is not valid for heavy commercial vehicles, trailers, boats, caravans or unregistered vehicles.

Proof of vehicle registration must be submitted confirming the residential address associated with the application (for example copy of Registration Notice)

To apply for a parking permit, please fill out the below form. Payment is required at the time of application.

Note: A parking permit is non-transferable. Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. If approved, a permit will be issued. Council will notify the applicant of either outcome.

Fees and forms

Current fees can be found in the Register of Fees and Charges.