Council regulates parking within Ipswich through its local laws and state legislation to improve safety and convenience for our community and visitors to our city. The Transport Operations (Road Use Management - Road Rules) Regulation 2009 and Local Law No.5 (Parking) 2013 govern our city and include specific restrictions for the parking of vehicles. Failure to comply with these parking regulations may result in penalties through the issue of notices and fines by council.

State-controlled Roads

Council regulates parking matters on state-controlled roads in accordance with section 101 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 2011 (TORUM). Below is a list of state-controlled roads regulated by council for unlawful parking practices:

State-controlled Roads Regulated by Ipswich City Council
Aberdare Street (Dinmore) Moggill Ferry Road (Riverview)
Brisbane Road (Riverview/Dinmore/Ebbw Vale/Bundamba/Booval/East Ipswich/Newtown/Ipswich) (from Ipswich Motorway to East Street) Mount Crosby Road (Tivoli/North Tivoli/Chuwar/Karalee) (from Tantivy Street to ICC Boundary at Colleges Crossing)
Brisbane Road (Goodna) (from Bertha Street West to Ipswich Motorway) Pine Mountain Road (Pine Mountain/Muirlea/Brassall/North Ipswich) (from Downs Street to Fernvale Road)
Brisbane Road (Redbank) (from Bridge Street East to Ipswich Motorway) Pine Street (Ipswich)
Brisbane Valley Highway Queen Street (Marburg) (from the Warrego Highway to Rosewood Marburg Road)
Churchill Street (Ipswich) Queen Street (Walloon)
Delacy Street (North Ipswich) (from Downs Street to Tantivy Street) Queen Victoria Parade (Ipswich)
Downs Street (North Ipswich) (from The Terrace to Pine Mountain Road) Rosewood Laidley Road (Rosewood/Ashwell/Lanefeld/Calvert/Grandchester)
East Street (Ipswich) Rosewood Marburg Road (Rosewood/Tallegalla/Marburg)
Endeavour Road (Riverview) (from Moggill Ferry Road to McEwan Street) Rosewood Warrill View Road (Rosewood/Ebenezer/Lower Mount Walker)
Fernvale Road (Brassall) (from Pine Mountain Road to the Warrego Highway) School Street (Rosewood)
Haigslea Amberley Road (Amberley/Walloon/Haigslea) Swanbank Road (Swanbank/Flinders View/Raceview) (from South Station Road to Memorial Drive)
Ipswich Boonah Road (Peak Crossing/Purga/Goolman) Symes Street (Grandchester)
Ipswich Rosewood Road (Amberley/Willowbank/Jeebropilly/Rosewood/Thagoona) Tantivy Street (Tivoli) (from Delacy Street to Mount Crosby Road)
John Street (Rosewood) (from Waight Street to School Street)Tantivy Street (Tivoli) (from Delacy Street to Mount Crosby Road) The Terrace (North Ipswich) (from Pine Street to Downs Street)
Karrabin Rosewood Road (Karrabin/Walloon/Thagoona/Rosewood) Waight Street (Rosewood)
Lanefeld Road (Rosewood) Walloon Road (Rosewood)
Limestone Street (Ipswich) (from East Street to Queen Victoria Parade) Warwick Road (Ipswich/Raceview/Churchill/Yamanto
McEwan Street (Riverview)  

Payment Methods

You have 28 days in which to make payment of an infringement notice (fine) to council via one of the methods outlined below:

Parking Infringement Online Payment 
Online Payment

Pay online with your Mastercard or Visa anytime after 3 business days from the date of your infringement notice within the prescribed time:

Pay Online Now

Bpoint Phone
Phone Payment

Phone 1300 276 468 any time after 3 business days from the date of your infringement notice and follow the prompts. Please ensure you have your infringement notice, Mastercard or Visa and a pen ready to note the transaction (receipt) number given at the end of the call. Retain this number for future reference. Please quote biller code 1001076 and your infringement number.

Logo Mail

Postal Payment

Return your infringement notice / payment slip and payment to:

Ipswich City Council
PO Box 191
Ipswich QLD 4305

Cheques and money orders to be payable to Ipswich City Council. Payment should be mailed in sufficient time to be received by the due date to avoid your infringement notice being forwarded to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER).

Paying In Person

Paying in Person

Present your infringement notice to:

Customer Service Desk
Ground Floor, Administration Building
50 South Street, Ipswich

Monday-Friday 8.00 am - 4.30 pm

Infringement Reviews

If you have received an infringement notice (fine) from council you have 28 days from the issue date to pay the fine. If you believe that the fine has been issued in error, you have the option to have the matter reviewed by council by submitting an infringement review request (see form under More Information below).  A parking fine may be withdrawn for the following reasons:

  • Medical emergency: instances where an emergency situation contributed to the offence. A medical certificate is required to support a request to withdraw a fine on this basis.
  • Motor vehicle breakdown: vehicle breakdown occurred and reasonable actions were taken to minimise the risk to public safety and move the vehicle in a timely manner. Evidence such as a towing invoice or written statement from RACQ is required to support a request to withdraw a fine on this basis.
  • Error with parking signage: a statutory declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace describing the nature of the error and how that contributed to the offence is required to support a request to withdraw a fine on this basis.
  • Illegal / unauthorised / unknown use of vehicle: at the time of the offence the vehicle was being used illegally, being used by another person (nominated by you) or was sold or otherwise disposed of. A statutory declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace describing the circumstances and providing all of the details of the driver/new owner or relevant documentation (e.g. crime report/incident report number from the Queensland Police in the case of a stolen vehicle) to support a request to withdraw a fine on this basis.

More Information