Many sporting and special events take place at various locations across Ipswich. These events bring additional traffic to the local areas in which they are held and, prior to and during major events, parking restrictions will apply.

Willowbank Declared Traffic Area Map

The red area in the map below depicts the Willowbank declared traffic area. The following parking restrictions apply to all on-street parking within the Willowbank traffic area:

  • No stopping area - do not stop your vehicle on the roadside in the traffic area, unless street signs indicate otherwise
  • Residents may apply for a parking permit in some circumstances
  • Tow away area
  • Parking restrictions do not apply to private property

The traffic area restrictions only take effect during an event - motorists or residents should check the traffic area signage during each event as the 'no stopping' restriction may change dependent upon event requirements.

If a parking sign applies to a particular location, the days and times displayed on the sign override the above Willowbank traffic area restrictions.

Note: The above map is a visual representation only of the declared traffic area - please refer to Ipswich City Council Subordinate Local Law No.5.1 (Parking) 2013 for accurate details regarding the declared traffic area.