Parking on a footpath or nature strip is unsafe and illegal. Unless otherwise signed, don’t park on or across footpaths, driveways, medians, kerb ramps or yellow lines. Always leave 3 metres of roadside clear beside your vehicle so other motorists can pass.

Why can’t I park on a Footpath?

  • Danger to pedestrians: illegal and unsafe parking on footpaths leaves pedestrians with no choice but to walk on the road. This can be particularly unsafe for people with disabilities, people on mobility scooters and parents with prams.
  • Damage and interference with underground infrastructure: footpaths and nature strips are not designed for traffic and continual use. Illegal and unsafe parking can cause rutting, damage and uneven surfaces which may be a trip hazard for pedestrians. Underground services such as electricity, gas and telecommunications can also be damaged.
  • Impedes access to essential services: access by emergency services such as fire and ambulance is restricted by vehicles parking on the footpath and blocking driveways.
  • Reduced visibility: illegal and unsafe parking can obscure the view of vehicles entering and leaving. Drivers and pedestrians should have a clear view of the road ahead.

Parking on the footpath or nature strip is an offence and a contravention of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995.

More Information

Council on 3810 6666.