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Council is excited to announce the appointment of Handel Group as the service provider to transition the popular large item kerbside collection program from a biennial (every two years) city-wide service to an annual on-demand collection.

This service is expected to commence early 2024.

Council will communicate updates regarding the on-demand service through various channels including the Ipswich Bin App, council's website, social media and local newspapers.

FAQ - Changes to the Large Item Kerbside Collection

What is changing in the service provided by council?

Council has finalised its procurement process and is excited to announce the Handel Group as the service provider to bring a more flexible and convenient On-Demand Large Item Kerbside Collection service to Ipswich.

Residents will soon be able to book an On-Demand Large Item Kerbside Flexiskip Collection for their household when they need it. The new service promises to bring greater recycling and reduction of waste being taken to landfill.

Why is the council changing the service and what benefits does it bring to my household?

The switch to an on-demand collection brings a better service with extra benefits:

  • Cost effective – Service remains free to Ipswich households
  • More flexibility and convenience – Residents get to choose when they have collection service
  • Greater frequency of service – from biennial (every 2 years) to an annual (every year) service
  • Environmentally sustainable – recycling materials from collections can be recovered to improve the City’s resource recovery performance.
  • Improved safety – A bagged collection can ensure less chances of broken glass, scrap metals, debris and unwanted waste littering the kerbside

When will the new on-demand service begin?

Council is looking to have the new service commence early 2024.

How often will the on-demand service be provided for households?

The final details of the On-Demand Large Item Kerbside Collection service, are still being investigated. However, it is anticipated that this service will change from a scheduled biennial (every 2 years) to an option of a free service once a year booked at a convenient time for the household.

Will there be any changes to the types of waste that can be collected?

The newly appointed service provider for On-Demand Large Item Kerbside Collection services will collect the same amount and types of waste currently accepted.

Will there be any changes to the fees for waste collection?

Council will continue to provide the On-Demand Large Item Kerbside Collection service as a free service.

How will the on-demand service work?

Residents will be able to book the service online or via telephone. They will be provided with an appropriate waste type container a large two cubic metre/ bag which is then collected from the kerbside.

Handel Group will be responsible for delivering the bag direct to the property and then collecting it once contacted by the resident within a specified time frame. The amount and types of waste currently accepted will remain the same with the new collection service.

Why the switch to an on-demand service?

An on-demand service moves Ipswich towards achieving state and national targets for waste diversion and provides the maximum environmental, social, and economic benefits as well as minimising the costs to the community.

Previously, kerbside collection items went straight to landfill but under this new model up to 80 per cent of materials will be recovered.