Annual Plan 2022-2023

See the full Annual Plan 2022-2023. The 2022-2023 Annual Plan highlights the key initiatives, projects and services that are prioritised and funded for the year that contribute toward achieving iFuture.

View specific sections of the Annual Plan 2022-2023

Operational Plan 2022-2023

The City Operational Plan 2022–2023 projects, together with the relevant Corporate Plan catalyst projects, are presented through alignment with the iFuture themes.

Core Business Services 2022-2023

Core business services are those activities which are undertaken to meet the community’s needs. These items are reflected in council’s Services Catalogue.

Capital Works Program 2022-2025

This three-year Capital Works Program has been developed for the 2022–2025 Budget and Long-Term Financial Forecast. Subject to council approval, the included projects will be reviewed and amended taking into consideration emerging priorities, scheduling and deliverability.

Ipswich Waste Services Performance Plan 2022-2023

The Annual Performance Plan is the mechanism for council to specify its performance of the business and for Ipswich Waste Services to confirm its commitment to meeting the stated performance levels. The activities of Ipswich Waste Services will be in accordance with the policies contained in council’s Corporate Policy Register.

City Budget 2022-2023

Council’s 2022-23 budget, the third from Mayor Teresa Harding and Councillors, is strong and strategic, and one that can give the community considerable optimism about the future of Ipswich. The City Budget delivers a balanced budget and 10-year forecast in line with the requirements of the Local Government Act and Regulation.