There are rules and regulations concerning abandoned or hazardous vehicles, the private sale of vehicles on the roadside and vehicles that have been impounded and subsequently put up for auction.

Abandoned or Hazardous Vehicles

An abandoned vehicle includes an unregistered vehicle parked on a local government controlled area (footpath) or road, or a hazardous vehicle (currently registered or unregistered) that has been left on a road or footpath in a way that creates a risk.

If it has been established that a vehicle is abandoned or hazardous, Ipswich City Council will take steps to remove the vehicle from the road by towing.  It is an offence and a contravention of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 to park an unregistered vehicle on the road or footpath.

Abandoned and Hazardous Vehicles Factsheet (PDF, 431.3 KB)

Roadside Vehicle Sales

Selling vehicles in public places is considered a nuisance under Council’s Local Law No. 8 (Nuisances and Community  Health and Safety).  Public places include road reserves, roadways,  footpaths and other public land.

Vehicle Roadside Sales Factsheet (PDF, 343.8 KB)

Impounded Vehicles

The following vehicles will be offered for sale by public auction at Council's Kenneth Street Depot, 2 Kenneth Street, Riverview from 10.00 am, TBC pursuant to Section 100 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995. Should the owners wish to reclaim these vehicles prior to the auction, please contact Council on (07) 3810 6666. List current as of 2 January 2019

Viewing of vehicles permitted from TBC (day of auction) 

Any vehicle purchased at the auction needs to be removed prior to TBC  or further release fees will apply. Purchases must make arrangements to legally tow or transport vehicles from Council’s depot.

  • There will NOT be any forklift available for the movement of any vehicles. Please make alternative arrangements.
  • Vehicles are sold in current condition, unregistered and a PPSR search is provided.
  • Enclosed footwear is compulsory.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult.
  • Animals, smoking and alcohol are not permitted in depot grounds.

Council reserves the right to withdraw any vehicle from an advertised auction without prior notice

AV Number

Vehicle Description

Impound Location From

Registration No.


Vehicles Returned

576Green Holden CommodoreShaun Street, Redbank Plainsunknown  
601Gold Holden CaptivaCordeaux St, Redbank Plains325-TYM  
658Red Holden CommodoreSpring St, Redbank Plainsunknown  
676Green BMWKookaburra Place, Brookwater644-CXP  
677Gold Kia RioNewell St, Swanbank707-YSX  
678Unkown vanOld Logan Rd, Camiraunknown burnt out
679Red Holden CommodoreFischer Rd, Ripley187-XWD burnt out
680White Holden AstraChurch St, Goodna901-HHF Partially stripped
681Grey Ford Falcon uteKingsley St, Walloon036-TTU  
682CaravanFrancis St, Chuwarunknown  
683White Toyota HiluxRipley Rd, Flinders View621-TPD  
684Blue Mitsubishi LancerHarold Reinhold Dr, Redbank Plains575-VAS  
685Green Toyota CorollaWhite Rock Rd, Redbank Plains141-CPF  
686Gold Nissan X TrailCameron St, Rerdbank Plains674-KUI  
688Black Mitsubishi HatchToronto Court, Brassall044-TCO  
689Blue Hyundai CoupeGrand canyon Dr, Springfield lakes696-SXS  
690caravanKirton St, Redbank Plainsunknown  
692Red Daewoo LanosGiven Court, Ipswich161-EZO  
694White Holden CommodoreSpringfield College Dr, Springfield lakes874-YRB partially stripped
695Blue Ford falconEsperance Cres, Springfield Lakes063-SDJ  
696White Honda CivicCracow Rd, Camira718-WZL  
697Green honda CivicDe Gaffe Pl, Bellbird Park101XLT  
698Red Toyota CamrayPrimrose Cres, Redbank Plains679-DTR  
699White vanMica St, Carole Parkunknown burnt out
700Black Mazda wagonAffinity Way, South Ripley127-RFJ  
701Holden CommodoreEbenezer Rd, Ebenezerunknown burnt out

Release of Impounded Vehicles

Impounded vehicles are held at an Ipswich City Council holding yard at Riverview. A vehicle may be claimed by the owner within one (1) month from the date of being impounded, subject to:

  • Completion of an Impounded Vehicle Release form
  • Payment of the prescribed release fee - refer to fees and charges
  • Provision of proof of ownership of vehicle (registration details, purchase receipt) and proof of identity (driver licence)

A person acting on behalf of the owner must satisfy Council of their right to possession and authority to act on behalf of the owner.

If a successful claim is not made for the return of a vehicle within one (1) month of the date of impounding, then ownership of the vehicle (and anything in, on or attached to the vehicle) rests with  the local government and the local government may dispose of the vehicle in accordance with section 40 of Ipswich City Council’s Local Law No.1 (Administration) 2013.

All inquiries for the return of impounded vehicles should be made to Ipswich City Council on (07) 3810 6666.