Haigslea Lawn Cemetery is historically significant and comprises both monumental and lawn burial areas as well as a memorial garden for cremated remains.


Haigslea Cemetery Road, Haigslea


  • Burial plots available
  • Ashes placement in memorial garden
  • Lawn and monumental burial areas
  • For reservations, costs and details of burials and cremated remains contact Ipswich Cemeteries


  • Established in 1862, this is one of Australia's oldest grounds nestled in native bush.
  • Also known as Walloon Cemetery, Walloon Scrub Cemetery, Kircheim Cemetery and Kirchheiner Cemetery.
  • The land now known as Haigslea Cemetery was donated to the adjoining Lutheran Church by Mr W.H Loose.
  • The cemetery remained under the control of the Lutheran Church until a Cemetery Trust was formed in 1913.
  • The Queensland Government Gazette announced an 'Order in Council on the 9th day of May 1918' that set aside land as a permanent reserve for a cemetery.
  • Kirchheiner Cemetery, as it was then known, also became known as Haigslea Cemetery and was placed '...under control of Johann Koch, John Henry Claus, Ernest Schubel, Harry Heiner and George Henry Siemon'.
  • Burials in the Kirchheiner Cemetery took place between September 1916 and August 1959.
  • In 1959, the Moreton Shire Council was appointed as trustee and at the Health and Community Services meeting held on the 25 September 1990, the cemetery was renamed Haigslea Lawn Cemetery.

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