Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery is the main cemetery in Ipswich and is primarily a lawn cemetery, but also includes columbarium walls and gardens for memorial of cremated remains.


12 Anderson Day Drive, Willowbank, Ipswich


  • Burial plots available
  • Ashes placement in columbarium walls and memorial gardens
  • Lawn cemetery and cremation
  • Chapel and tea room
  • Public restroom
  • For reservations, costs and details of burials and cremated remains contact Ipswich Cemeteries

Melaleuca irbyana – Critically endangered vegetation

Melaleuca irbyana (Swamp Tea-tree) is only found in South-East Queensland and Northern NSW and is listed as a ‘critically endangered community’ under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The Melaleuca Memorial Walkway at Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery is within a largely intact community of Swamp Tea-tree, one of only a few locations in the region. Remaining Swamp Tea-tree communities are protected under Commonwealth and State legislation, ensuring remnant patches are maintained, not fragmented from clearing, and have an opportunity to regenerate. The fact sheet provides more information about the Melaleuca irbyana located at the Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery.

Swamp Tea-tree Fact Sheet - downloadable PDF (PDF, 71.0 KB)


  • Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery opened in 1971 and was operated by the Ipswich Cemetery Trust before Ipswich City Council became the trustee in 1979.
  • Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery is the most utilised cemetery in Ipswich.

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