Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery is the main cemetery in Ipswich and is primarily a lawn cemetery, but also includes columbarium walls and gardens for memorial of cremated remains.


12 Anderson Day Drive, Willowbank, Ipswich


  • Burial plots available
  • Ashes placement in columbarium walls and memorial gardens
  • Lawn cemetery and cremation
  • Chapel and tea room
  • Public restroom
  • For reservations, costs and details of burials and cremated remains contact Ipswich Cemeteries


  • Warrill Park Lawn Cemetery opened in 1971 and was operated by the Ipswich Cemetery Trust before Ipswich City Council became the trustee in 1979.
  • Warrill Park now houses over 11,000 graves and is the biggest and most utilised cemetery in Ipswich.

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