Tallegalla Cemetery has historical significance, with both monumental and lawn graves being permitted, as well as a columbarium wall and memorial gardens for cremated remains.


Rosewood Marburg Road, Tallegalla, Ipswich


  • Burial plots available
  • Ashes placement in columbarium wall, and shrub and rose gardens
  • Lawn and monumental burial areas
  • For reservations, costs and details of burials and cremated remains contact Ipswich Cemeteries


  • On 3 April 1872, Charles Freeman selected 80 acres of Rosewood scrub at Tallegalla and on 2 May 1876, 10 acres of his land was resurveyed for a cemetery and church site.
  • The church occupied one acre fourteen perches and the balance was the present cemetery reserve, which Charles Freeman generously donated for these purposes.
  • On a photocopy of the original survey the cemetery is called Walloon Cemetery, possibly because it was in the parish of Walloon.
  • By 1886 it was known as the Rosewood General Cemetery, in 1902 it was the Rosewood Cemetery and by 1920 it was the Tallegalla Cemetery.
  • The first burial here was a son of Mr Dart, who had selected land on the western side of the Tallegalla School and his coffin was carried two miles to the cemetery for burial.
  • Charles Freeman was also laid to rest in this cemetery, followed by his wife Mary Freeman in 1927 and some of their eleven children and many descendants now share this burial ground.

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