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Community Reference Groups

Ipswich City Council is committed to meaningful engagement with the community on issues affecting the city and local issues that significantly impact the community. Public participation and engagement is the foundation of good decision-making and is mutually beneficial to the community and council. One of the ways council engages with the community is through its five Community Reference Groups, which are aligned with the five standing committees of council:

  • Economic Development (Economic Development Committee)
  • Resilient Communities (Communities Committee)
  • Growth Management (Growth and Infrastructure Committee)
  • Environment (Environment Committee)
  • Transparent Governance (Governance Committee)


Council’s Community Reference Groups aim to:

  • Provide a deliberative forum for members to discuss issues of community interest.
  • Draw on local knowledge and enhance community voice in decision-making processes and outcomes.
  • Build community understanding of council core business functions and specific projects and activities.

Expression of Interest Process

Expressions of interest were open to all eligible community members for three weeks, from Friday, 8 March to midday on Friday, 29 March 2019. Interested and eligible community members could either apply online or complete a paper-based application at a community office. The Guidelines for Community Reference Groups and five Terms of Reference (one for each group) were also publicly released (refer to Reference Documents below). These outlined the governance framework for the groups, including the eligibility and selection criteria.

Council received a total of 412 submissions, of which 151 were eligible and assessable. An assessment panel comprising four council staff from council's Community Engagement Branch assessed all of the applications based on eligibility criteria, responses to the selection criteria and demographic representativeness. From this process, a maximum of 20 successful members were placed in each of the five community reference groups.

Selected Members

The following are the names of the members of each of the Community Reference Groups. The first round of meetings is scheduled to take place in June 2019.

Economic Development
(20 members)
Resilient Communities
(20 members)
Growth Management
(19 members)
(20 members)
Transparent Governance
(20 members)

Peter Aylward
Phillip Bell
Paul Casos
David Cullen
Nikketah Cuneo
Linda Doonan
Adam French
Ashley Gillie
Christopher Hannah
Ashley Marshall
Mike McInnes
Richard Morrison
Nicholas Pender
Ben Rawlings
David Ritchie
Paul Travis
Begoña Trillo
Ruth Tyssen-Day
Moein Varaei
Kenneth Weaver

Graeme Ault
Bev Cooper
Anita Dwyer
Ben Hentschke
Jon Janetzki
Timothy Jordan
Nigel Lavender
Louise Lebhers
Rowena McGregor
Larissa Melanie
Nev Paulsen
Rebekah Pick
Eric Rushton
Shay Ryan
Reena Sharma
Larry Stumer
Carina Tretow-Loof
Ruma Wagley
Belinda Walker
Michelle Williams

Rebecca Andlèmac
Shirley Baker
Shelley Elshaw
Craig Harte
Cheryl Hasted
George Hatchman
Olaf  Heeremans
Kathryn Just
Bruce Leslie
Susan McMahon
Ursula Monsiegneur
Grace Muriuki
Kirsty O'Brien
James Pinnell
Deborah Pye
Douglas Russell
Nicole Sherlock
Visha Uchronska
Judith Vink

Sonia Brown
Ian Dainer
Billy Diehm
Jim Dodrill
Amber Dupouy
Angus Evans
Bob Hampson
Esther James
Pam Lenton
Alex Mair
Luise Manning
Joseph McLeod
Robert Otjen
Stephen Phillips
James Prentice
Gaby Ricketts
Peter Surgeoner
Paul Sutton
David Trezise
Conny Turni

Susan Dunne
Megan Buxton
Jade Connor
Martin Corkery
Kate den Otter
James Fazl
Fuad Paul Forghani
John Fraser
Robert Gould
David Harris
Marie Kavanagh
Warren Keel
Cecil Maddox
Steve Mallet
Trevor Reynolds
Adrianne Robinson
Christine Ryan
Paul Travis
Geoffrey Yarham
Mira Yates

Reference Documents